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Top 36 Pharmacy School Scholarships in November 2023

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How to win pharmacy scholarships 

Finding scholarships to apply for is only half the battle. Once you’ve found a scholarship, you still must apply and beat out other candidates to win it. Luckily, we have quite a few resources that can help you!  

 Being familiar with the common scholarship application questions that are out there is a great place to start. Once you know what a scholarship requires, you can take advantage of more specific articles that show you how to write a 250 word essay or a 500 word essay, how to write a scholarship resume and how to write an essay about yourself.  

Remember, winning scholarships is not something that happens randomly. You have to put in the work, but with us at your side, receiving scholarships should become more common!

Financial aid tips for pharmacy school students

Current and prospective pharmacy school students can also qualify for other types of financial aid!

Need-based financial aid

Make sure that you also take advantage of all need-based financial aid opportunities. Even if you don’t think you qualify, it is smart to apply since we never know what the future holds. This includes applying for Pell Grants, federal student loans, and work study. To apply for need-based financial aid, submit the FAFSA and for some schools, the CSS Profile.

Remember, deadlines are important! Be sure to apply for financial aid by the appropriate CSS Profile and FAFSA deadlines. If you apply for financial aid and are accepted to the college, you will receive a financial aid award letter. Your letter outlines the various types of aid available to you.

College-specific scholarships

Finally, make sure that you research scholarships at the colleges and universities that you are applying at. Many times, they offer unique scholarship opportunities that you won’t find by doing a general online search. Good luck!

Frequently asked questions about pharmacy school scholarships

Does CVS pay for pharmacy school?

CVS offers their interns the opportunity for a $5,000-per-year scholarship to put them through pharmacy school. This award is renewable for a maximum of four total years. So, if you take full advantage of it, CVS will pay for $20,000 of your pharmacy school costs as an intern. In most cases, this will not pay for the entire cost of pharmacy school. You’ll probably have to apply for federal financial aid and other scholarships on top of it. However, don’t write off the scholarship – $5,000 per year can go a long way, and most students earn their scholarships piece-by-piece.

Can I use FAFSA for pharmacy school?

Yes – any student applying for pharmacy school should fill out the FAFSA. Even if you don’t think you’ll qualify for need-based financial aid, it’s a good idea to fill it out in order to gain eligibility for opportunities like Stafford loans. These are available to any student regardless of financial status.You might not think that you need any of the opportunities that the FAFSA affords, but this shouldn’t stop you from filling it out. It’s free and relatively simple to complete, and if your financial situation changes sometime between your school application and the beginning of your semester, you’ll be glad to have more options for aid.

Is a pharmacy degree worth it?

A pharmacy degree can be well-worth it for students who are interested in the field. In addition to an impressive median wage ($128,710 per year as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2020 report), becoming a pharmacist has the benefit of potentially qualifying for public service loan forgiveness.So, if you are interested in the field and want to be a pharmacist, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to afford to take out student loans, to a certain extent. Our article on how much student loan debt is too much can help you draw the line at which you are comfortable taking on loans.

Do I need a bachelor's degree for pharmacy school?

Typically, students do not need a bachelor’s degree to gain admittance to a pharmacy school. This may vary school-by-school, so be sure to check at the institutions you are considering. Many require a two-year degree, but it is extremely rare that a pharmacy school requires a bachelor’s.

How many years is pharmacy school?

Pharmacy school takes a minimum of four years, though most schools offer the opportunity to complete it over a longer timeframe if a student has to balance home or work responsibilities with their education. Some students choose to complete a residency after their program which lasts one to two years as well.

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