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Student loans to fit your needs

Taking out student loans is a big financial decision. Let us help you find the right loans and repayment plan for you.

Expert Advice

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How much student loan debt is too much?

One of the first things students should consider when deciding how much debt they can afford is their expected salary in the first year after...

What is the maximum you can take out in student loans?

For federal and private lenders, there is a maximum student loan amount. The maximum amount that can be borrowed depends on a variety of factors,...

How do I find a co-signer?

A cosigner is a secondary person who takes on financial responsibility for a loan. Many people start with their parents or another trusted adult...

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Which student loans should I pay off first?

The best way to save money in the long run is to target your loans with higher interest rates first. This is because interest builds over time,...

Should I use my 401(k) to pay off student loans?

Using  your 401k to pay off student loans is possible, but typically not advisable. Using money from your 401(k) should be a last resort. If...

What if I can't make my monthly payments?

If you’re having trouble making monthly student loan payments, the first thing you should look into is alternative repayment plans. Federal...

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I defer my student loans if I go to graduate school?

Graduate students can defer their student loans. In doing so, students will not have to make payments, but their student loans will continue to accumulate interest.

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Do companies help pay off student loans?

Yes, some companies, like Aetna, Carvana, and Google offer student loan repayment assistance programs to employees.

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What's the difference between fixed and variable interest rates?

While fixed interest rates will be consistent for the duration of the student loan, variable interest rates can fluctate according to the broader economic market.

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What's the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized student loans?

The big difference between subsidized and unsubsidized student loans is that the loan interest is paid on subsidized loans if you are in school at least half-time. Interest is also paid for the first six months after graduation.

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