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How to Get FedEx Tuition Reimbursement

FedEx is one of the many companies providing tuition reimbursement to their employees. In this article, we’ll give you all the information you need to get the tuition reimbursement process started. So, let’s jump in to see if you qualify for FedEx tuition reimbursement and what you need to know!

Do you qualify for FedEx tuition reimbursement?

As far as qualifications go, FedEx keeps things pretty simple for their employees. In order to qualify for tuition reimbursement, you must be a package handler employee for sixty calendar days after your higher date. That’s it, really! You will also have to submit the proper paperwork, but we will take a look at those steps later in this article. 

Before moving on, there’s one last note to make for package handlers. During holiday, or peak business times, seasonal help may be hired. Seasonal help is not eligible for tuition reimbursement. However, if you move from a seasonal position into a full or part time position, you will become eligible for tuition reimbursement. Your start date will be considered the date you were hired on as seasonal help. 

For more about what tuition reimbursement is, check out our general guide to tuition reimbursement and who offers it.

How to enroll in the FedEx tuition reimbursement program (step-by-step)

1. Become a package handler employee

The first step towards tuition reimbursement is being a package handler with FedEx for sixty calendar days after your hire date. Note that seasonal employees are not eligible for tuition reimbursement unless they are promoted to a non-seasonal position. Your hire date, however, will be counted as the first day you worked as a seasonal employee. 

2. Enroll in an accredited institution 

FedEx does not partner with any specific schools to provide tuition reimbursement. The only requirement is that employees must be enrolled in an accredited university, college, trade school, vocational school, or technical school. 

3. Submit the proper paperwork

Once you have been admitted into an accredited institution, you can start filing the proper paperwork to receive your tuition assistance. FedEx offers employees $1,500 per calendar year towards school, but only if the proper paperwork listed below is filed on time:

  • Hourly Tuition Reimbursement Application
  • Itemized paid receipts indicating method of payment (check, loan, grant, cash)
  • Transcripts or grade report

Once the above three documents are submitted and reviewed, tuition reimbursement will be paid to the employee via the payroll office. In order to receive tuition reimbursement, all paperwork must be submitted by December 15th of that year.  


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Starting the FedEx tuition reimbursement process

While everything in this article may have given you a better idea of how this process works, you still may have questions about how to get the process started, such as: What do you want to study? Should you go back to school only part time? Who should you talk to about this at work? Let’s take a step back and look at each of these questions. 

What do you want to study? 

If you’re planning to go back to school, take some time to look into what programs, certificates, or degrees you would like to pursue. Many community colleges allow you to schedule a visit with a counselor who can advise you about what programs may be best for you. Make sure you take advantage of any resources available to you.

Should I go back full time?

You are ultimately the only one who can answer this question. But again, this is something that a college advisor could give some guidance about. Be sure to factor in work, finances, and any personal obligations you have that may take up your time when thinking about going back to school. Balancing work and school is challenging, but doable if you have a plan before you start. 

Who should I talk to about tuition reimbursement?

If you plan to take advantage of FedEx’s tuition reimbursement program, it’s best to talk with your employer before enrolling somewhere. Share your plans with them so that they are aware and can provide assistance when needed. And of course, talk with family or friends about your decision as well. Going to school is always easier when you have a close network of support. 

Alternatives to FedEx tuition reimbursement

If you researched further and found that FedEx is not a fit for you, no worries! There are plenty of companies that offer tuition reimbursement to their employees. Check out our guides about Amazon, Apple, Home Depot, Macy’sT-Mobile, Walmart, and many more. Good luck on your academic journey! 

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Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

  • FedEx offers tuition reimbursement to all package handlers, starting 60 days after their hire date
  • Tuition reimbursement recipients can use their funds at any accredited institution, regardless of major or the degree they are pursuing
  • The company offers up to $1,500 per calendar year in reimbursement
  • This program is more flexible than many, but offers less funds than other companies. Be sure to investigate other companies if you are looking for a post largely for tuition reimbursement benefits
Key Takeaways

Frequently asked questions about FedEx tuition reimbursement

Are there any restrictions about what I can study?

Nope! FedEx allows its employees to study whatever they please, as long as it is at an accredited institution.

Does FedEx offer scholarships?

Yes, FedEx does offer scholarships in addition to their reimbursement program. This is another reason why you should talk with your employer before enrolling in any programs.

Are package handlers the only eligible position for tuition assistance?

The tuition reimbursement program is called the “package handler tuition reimbursement program.” As far as this program goes, it seems you must be a package handler in order to qualify. However, this article is not an exhaustive look at the benefits FedEx offers for school. If you are not a package handler, talk with your employer about what other options you may have.

How do I become a package handler?

Visit the FedEx job search section of their website to look for package handler jobs near you. Remember, seasonal positions are not eligible for tuition reimbursement, but can become eligible if you are kept on as a non-seasonal employee.

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