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How to Get Macy’s Tuition Reimbursement

“The Magic of Macy’s” is the popular slogan of the beloved department store, Macy’s. This slogan is very fitting because what is more magical than a company covering 100% of its employees’ tuition? 

You read that right! Macy’s tuition reimbursement will fully fund its employees who are looking to receive an education. 

So, how can you become eligible for the magic that is Macy’s tuition reimbursement? Read more in our guide to receiving Macy’s tuition reimbursement below to find out:

Step-by-step guide to get tuition reimbursement at Macy’s

1. Obtain a job at a nearby Macy’s! 

The most crucial step in becoming eligible for Macy’s tuition reimbursement is to be a Macy’s employee. So first and foremost, visit Macy’s career website in order to view open positions at a location that works for you. 

“What type of job can I have at Macy’s?” may be a question you have. Macy’s does not just offer the typical roles for maintaining a department store such as cashier. It is a big company that needs many different jobs to be filled. Some categories of employment include: 

Corporate Technology
Digital Internships
Call Centers Warehouses
Stores Beauty

Be sure to visit Macy’s career website to learn more about what particular jobs are available within each department. It is ideal that you select a job that you are interested in pursuing! You do not want to be stuck doing something you are not passionate about. 

Once you get a job at Macy’s, congratulations!  You are already eligible for tuition reimbursement as all part-time and full-time are eligible on their first day of employment at Macy’s. 

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2. Create a Guild Education account

Now that you are a Macy’s employee, it’s time to get you free tuition. Macy’s has partnered with Guild Education in order to offer its employees tuition reimbursement. 

Essentially, Guild Education is a company that connects corporations with colleges and universities. Guild Education takes care of the logistics that surround education and serve as a resource for employees to use during their educational journey. This way corporations can continue to do what they do best and leave the educating to the experts!

Macy’s partnership with Guild Education means you will now have to create a Guild Education account to access your tuition benefits as a Macy’s employee! 

Visit Macy’s Guild Education page and create an account. Once you are logged in, you will have access to a variety of programs that are fully funded by Macy’s. 

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3. Choose your program of study

You will have the  option to earn a college degree, professional certificate, finish high school, take college prep courses, or learn English! All of these resources and courses are available through your Guild Education account. 

To earn a college degree, you are able to choose from 100+ fully funded programs at 20+ high quality universities. These programs are extremely flexible because they are typically online and self-paced. This will allow you to successfully work at Macy’s and earn your degree. 

Do not stress out if you do not know what field you want to study. Guild Education connects you with personalized coaching from their Guild team. This coach will help you with selecting a program and give you guidance along the way!

Be sure to reach out to them with help selecting an eligible program of study that best matches your career goals. 

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4. Begin your studies and graduate debt-free! 

Congratulations on starting your new academic journey as a Macy’s employee! If you have any questions or worries, feel free to reach out to your Guild Education coach. They are there to help you navigate the world of education. 

Remember, Guild Education specializes in helping employees gain an education while still working. Therefore, they know what you are going through! Classes are online and mainly self-paced to provide you with flexibility in your schedule. 

Good luck! You will have great success as a Macy’s employee and student! 

Alternatives to Macy’s tuition reimbursement

If this guide did not convince you to become a Macy’s employee for their tuition benefits, do not worry! We understand that a lot of factors go into selecting a company to be employed at. 

Luckily, a lot of companies have partnered with Guild Education in order to provide their employees with up to 100% of tuition off of their education. This includes Target, Taco Bell, Chipotle, and a lot more! So check out some of the other companies offering tuition assistance through Guild Education or even some companies that provide tuition reimbursement in different ways. Be sure to select the best company and tuition benefits for you! 

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Frequently asked questions about Macy’s tuition reimbursement

Who qualifies for Macy’s tuition reimbursement?

All regular, part-time, and full-time colleagues based in the U.S, Puerto Rico and Guam are eligible on their first day at Macy’s, Inc! However, be sure to note that seasonal and temporary employees are not eligible for Macy’s tuition reimbursement. 

Does Macy’s really offer 100% free tuition?

Yes! Macy’s will cover 100% of tuition, books, and fees for select programs at 20+ high quality schools and universities. Just make sure you are checking with your Guild Education coach that you are choosing a program that is fully funded and covered by Macy’s requirements! 

What are some of the accredited schools a Macy’s employee can study at? 

Some of the accredited institutions that a Macy’s employee can study at include LSU online, eCornell, SNHU, and Wilmington University. You can explore and view more programs when you are logged into your Guild Education account