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How to Get Tuition Reimbursement by Working at Walmart

Over a million Walmart employees are eligible for its college tuition reimbursement program, LiveBetterU, and you could be one of them! As an hourly employee, you can earn a high school diploma or an associate or bachelor’s degree. You can also hone specialized trade skills or achieve a professional certificate. Walmart promises to cover tuition, so financial worries won’t stand in the way of your accomplishments.  Let’s outline how to get started with this program. We will discuss the benefits of furthering your education through LiveBetterU. 

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Steps to receive Walmart’s tuition reimbursement 

1. Apply for a job at your local Walmart

You can view open positions by visiting Walmart’s career website. There are filters by location, career area, and job title. Walmart has almost 5,000 stores around the U.S. and locations in every state but Hawaii. It is likely there are available part and full-time hourly jobs near you! Employees at bulk discount retailer Sam’s Club are also eligible for LiveBetterU. Be sure to look for openings there, as well. 

There are a variety of roles within Walmart stores to explore. Departments range from health and wellness to fuel services to food and grocery. Once you have just one day of work under your belt, you are eligible to enroll in LiveBetterU.

2. Create a LiveBetterU account

To get started on your new education journey, all you need is your Walmart employee id. This id accesses Walmart’s LiveBetterU portal in partnership with Guild Education. Guild Education is an expert in helping corporations connect their employees with educational providers. It offers a slew of valuable resources that users can access to help meet their goals.

3. Identify the right academic path for you

Some employees have a specific aim, such as earning their bachelor’s degree; however, others may desire career development and yet have no idea where to begin. Creating a LiveBetterU account enables you to browse and compare offerings from participating universities. 

Your LiveBetterU account also unlocks a program recommendation quiz. This quiz considers your qualifications and professional aspirations to find your best fit. It can make suggestions like taking college prep classes or English for non-native speakers before jumping into your course load. 

Another resource to utilize is your personalized education coach. You can reach this specialist via chat to answer any questions you may have. This advisor is accessible throughout your academic journey with LiveBetterU. 

4. Start learning! 

Embarking on a new venture can be daunting. It should ease your worries knowing these programs are designed with adult learners and those working other jobs in mind. They emphasize schedule flexibility, are often self-paced, and have many avenues to receive extra learning support. You’ll never feel like you’re going at it alone, even in a remote setting. 

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Why does Walmart invest in LiveBetterU?

More and more employers are including educational incentives within their benefits packages. These programs demonstrate that companies value the growth of their team. Empowering Walmart employees through learning opportunities boosts employee retention by enabling career advancement. It also cultivates a purpose-oriented workforce.

Career progression is a huge source of pride for Walmart and part of its mission. Walmart cites how more than 300,000 U.S. associates received promotions in 2021. 75% of Walmart’s U.S. store management teams and many of its top executives started as hourly employees. Walmart’s CEO even climbed the ranks from an hourly position!

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Can I study any topic in the Walmart college tuition reimbursement program?

LiveBetterU sponsors studies that are relevant to Walmart job demands. Focus areas include healthcare, technology, business, and supply chain management. While this list is not exhaustive, degrees that are more Humanities-oriented are not offered. 

What are some of the accredited universities I can attend?

Current accredited educational partners include: Johnson & Wales University, The University of Arizona, The University of Denver, Pathstream, Brandman University, Penn Foster, Purdue University Global, Southern New Hampshire University, Wilmington University, and Voxy EnGen. The list of schools continues to expand. 

Is the Walmart tuition reimbursement program really 100% free?

In previous years, Walmart offered LiveBetterU to its employees for $1/day. It has recently made the program completely free. Walmart covers 100% of tuition and textbook costs, eliminating all financial barriers for employees to continue their education. It also strays from defining itself as “tuition reimbursement.” Unlike other programs where students are charged initially and then have to jump through hoops to recoup their investment, Walmart foots the bill upfront. One exception is that it does not cover master’s degree fees. There may be discounts available for certain master’s programs. 

Frequently asked questions about Walmart college tuition reimbursement

Who does not qualify for tuition reimbursement?

Employees who have already obtained a bachelor’s degree cannot participate in LiveBetterU.  Additionally, seasonal temporary associates and salaried associates (with the exception of those who work in a field capacity) are not eligible.

What is an example of a professional certificate you can achieve?

People and Business Leadership is a professional certificate that employees can earn. This certification can equip you with skills needed in managerial and supervisor roles.

Are my family members eligible for any tuition discounts?

Not at this time.

Is Walmart the only company that offers tuition reimbursement?

No! LiveBetterU stands out for its expansive, generous policy, but it is not the sole option. There are many other corporations with their own tuition initiatives, such as Chipotle, Starbucks, Home Depot, UPS, and Amazon. Beyond offering tuition reimbursement, it is important you choose a company that you feel content working for. It is wise to look into other factors you value when seeking a job.

Next steps for students

We encourage you to begin your Walmart application today! Maybe you are hoping to climb the ladder in your career or gain a degree you previously had to put on pause. In any case, LiveBetterU is a terrific solution for both your schedule and wallet. And if Walmart is not feasible because of where you live or other job criteria you are seeking, start researching. There are tons of employers that offer tuition reimbursement. The next phases of your education and career are waiting! 

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