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How to Get PepsiCo Tuition Reimbursement

Hoping to gain financial assistance toward your education while working? PepsiCo benefits might be able to help you reach your goal. PepsiCo is empowering employees through its new MyEducation initiative. Associates at PepsiCo have access to debt-free programs and other tuition assistance to advance their careers. Let’s outline what MyEducation offers and how you can benefit.

MyEducation x Guild 

PepsiCo’s MyEducation is powered by Guild Education, a learning marketplace that connects employees to academic and upskilling programs. 

MyEducation promises that associates can grow their careers without spending a dime. Tuition, books, and student fee expenses are all taken care of by PepsiCo!

Employees can choose from a variety of academic paths at all levels: 

  • High school diploma completion, college prep courses, and English as a second language classes
  • Undergraduate degrees (bachelor’s and associate’s) in subjects key to the future job market; for example, business, supply chain management, and data analytics
  • Upskilling programs for the trades, such as obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
  • Shorter-term bootcamps and certificates relevant to PepsiCo roles 

Alternative tuition reimbursement options

With manager approval, you can also still take advantage of PepsiCo’s previous tuition reimbursement policy. You may receive $5,250 in yearly funding for certain programs and undergraduate degrees not included on the debt-free menu. $8,000 in tuition assistance for graduate degrees is available per year, as well.  

Steps to participate in MyEducation 

1. Apply for a career with PepsiCo 

There is a vast array of jobs available at PepsiCo. Maybe you want to be on the frontline, making soda deliveries to retailers. Or perhaps you are interested in customer service or Frito-Lay sales. On PepsiCo’s career site, you can explore different opportunities and even chat with a personal recruiting assistant. There is a search option to browse by job keyword and location to view openings accepting applications.

2. Land the job and work for 6 months  

Once you’ve secured a role at PepsiCo, you are almost on your way to starting your higher education journey. You can go ahead and make an account to look at offerings; however, you will not be eligible for MyEducation until you’ve worked for 6 continuous months in either a part-time or full-time position.

3. Create a MyEducation Account on Guild  

Visit the MyEducation portal through Guild. Sign in with your PepsiCo login to create your profile and describe your goals. You can connect with an academic advisor via email, phone, or live chat to go over any questions you may have.

4. Identify the right academic path for you

Although MyEducation’s over 100 options to choose from is exciting, it can also be overwhelming. If you do not know what the best academic program for you is, no worries! There is a helpful program recommendation quiz that you can take. Additionally, your coach can offer guidance on choosing the best study track and school to meet your goals.

5. Start learning! 

Now’s the time to start taking advantage of PepsiCo benefits! One of the biggest advantages of MyEducation is the flexibility and support it provides. These programs are designed with adult students and those working other jobs in mind. There are options for both in-person and online learning depending on which method you prefer. Plus, your career coach is there to help you every step of the way. 

6. Graduate from your program debt-free!

Remember, PepsiCo takes care of the bills beforehand. Your priority can be acing class material, not worrying about financing it! These reputable programs are vetted to set you up for career success at PepsiCo and beyond. 

Next steps for students

After hearing about the PepsiCo benefits, we encourage you to begin your PepsiCo application today! And if there are no positions available near you, be sure to explore other companies’ opportunities. Those that partner with Guild may be especially appealing to you if you like PepsiCo’s program. Read up on a few (of many more) employers using the Guild model: Chipotle, Walmart, Target, Taco Bell, and Macy’s. In any case, rest assured that there is financing available to help you fulfill your academic dreams! 

Frequently asked questions PepsiCo tuition reimbursement

What are the tax implications of tuition reimbursement?

In some cases, tuition reimbursement may be considered taxable income. So, be sure to check with your tuition reimbursement administrator.

Is there a minimum grade requirement to receive reimbursement?

Some employers require employees to maintain a minimum passing grade in order to be eligible for reimbursement. Make sure to contact PepsiCo to learn about their official policies.