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How to Get Taco Bell Tuition Reimbursement

Hungry for educational opportunities? Taco Bell has got you covered. It offers employees one of the most comprehensive tuition assistance programs around. 

Taco Bell employees ranked educational support as one of the top three things they wanted from their employer. The company answered by launching its “Start with us, Stay with Us” platform and mantra in 2016. This commitment ensures all Taco Bell team members can access schooling benefits. How long they’ve been employed with Taco Bell does not matter. 

Taco Bell helps employees pursue a variety of degrees and certifications through its Guild Education network. It also offers generous Live Más Scholarships and a GED program. Let’s dig into the details of Taco Bell’s education initiatives and outline how to start!

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Taco Bell x Guild Education 

Taco Bell rolled out its Guild Education partnership nationwide in 2018. This online learning marketplace connects employees with top-ranked institutions. It helps them use tuition reimbursement dollars, scholarship earnings, and federal aid to pay for their education. 

Taco Bell team members can access this awesome resource starting on their first day of work. Part-time and full-time employees in both corporate and franchise positions are eligible. 

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Steps to Benefit from Taco Bell’s Guild Program 

1. Apply for a job at your local Taco Bell 

You can view available positions by visiting Taco Bell’s career website. There are filters by job category and location that bring up a list of openings. Selecting a role will direct you to a pretty straightforward application.

2. Create a Guild Education account

Once you’ve landed the job, visit Taco Bell’s Guild Education portal and make an account. After filling out a form about yourself and your goals, Guild connects you with an academic advisor. This personalized coach can answer any questions you may have, from time management to financial aid. Your advisor is accessible via text, call, video chat, or email throughout your entire school career. 

3. Identify the right academic path for you

Guild features more than 230 academic programs to explore at every level. It helps employees earn their high school diploma or take college prep classes. There are over 100 college degree programs and over 60 Master’s degree programs available. It also sponsors over 50 professional certification programs. 

If you do not know what the best option is for you, no worries! Guild has a program recommendation quiz that each employee may take. Your coach can offer guidance on choosing the best study track and school to meet your goals, as well. 

4. Start learning! 

It can be scary to start a new learning journey. It should ease your worries knowing these programs are designed with adult learners and those working other jobs in mind. Classes are online and often self-paced. They emphasize schedule flexibility and have many avenues to receive extra learning support. You’ll never feel like you’re going at it alone! 

5. Graduate from your program debt-free!

Guild’s founders identified that many employees do not take advantage of their company’s education benefits. One of the biggest barriers is employees having to foot tuition costs upfront. 

Guild’s model ensures Taco Bell takes care of the bills beforehand. As a Taco Bell employee, you will not incur debt by participating!  

Here’s how: 

  • 5-20% discounted tuition rates from many universities
  • Up to $5,815 in federal grant qualifications
  • Up to $5,250 in tuition reimbursement per year
    • Sum can be applied toward professional certifications, bachelor’s and associate’s degrees, and Master’s degrees
  • Cost-free options for GED certification programs
  • Credit can be earned for college prep courses and some Taco Bell Trainings
  • Previous college courses taken can be transferred for credit

Other Taco Bell Educational Assistance 

GED Testing Service 

Although Guild offers its own GED certification help, Taco Bell has a separate partnership with GED Testing Service. It is an all-inclusive program designed with Taco Bell employees in mind. 

Employees can access unlimited online study materials. This includes as many practice tests and GED test attempts as they’d like. It also connects them with a personal adviser to assist throughout the program, plus progress reports. The best part? It is free for approved employees!

Live Más Scholarship 

Taco Bell also offers a slew of Live Más Scholarships ranging from  $5,000-$25,000. These awards can be applied to tuition, student fees, and supplies. Anyone aged 16-26 is eligible to apply. You do not have to be a Taco Bell employee to receive a scholarship, either. 

Whether your passion is shark conservation or pottery, Taco Bell is looking for dreamers and changemakers. To apply, submit a short video of what interests you and how you will use it to make a positive impact.

Next steps for students

We encourage you to begin your Taco Bell application today! Taco Bell offers several solutions to pay for school and make it work with your busy schedule. And if Taco Bell is not the place for you, explore other organizations’ policies. There are tons of employers that offer tuition reimbursement, such as Walmart, Home Depot, Starbucks, Chipotle, Amazon, Publix, and more. Start reaching for your academic aspirations today! 

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