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How to Get JetBlue Tuition Reimbursement

Many restaurants and fast food chains offer their employees the chance to attend college with full or partial tuition reimbursement. The American airline company, JetBlue, wants to offer their employees the same opportunities. Keep on reading to learn how to get JetBlue Scholars tuition reimbursement!

About JetBlue tuition reimbursement

The JetBlue Scholars Program opens periodically to admit crewmembers seeking to start or finish their first undergraduate degree. The Program offers JetBlue employees the chance to study online with institutes of higher education or with one of their partners. In the following article, we concisely outline how to get JetBlue tuition reimbursement in a step by step format. . 

Do you qualify as a JetBlue Scholar?

The JetBlue Scholars website clearly states the requirements for crewmembers who are looking to join the program. If you meet their three basic requirements, you are ready to start your journey to becoming a JetBlue Scholar!

The JetBlue website lists the following three requirements:

  • Two years of service with JetBlue
  • Active and in good standing in the company
  • Pursuing a first bachelor’s degree from a US or Puerto Rican College or University

If you checked those boxes, your next steps are below. Crewmembers can access more details and resources by logging on to their HelloJetBlue account.  If you are not an employee at JetBlue, but are interested in a career with them, visit the JetBlue Careers webpage. 

How to enroll in JetBlue Tuition Reimbursement

1. Check if enrollment is open

The first step is to check with your employer about if enrollment is open. If not, ask when it will open again.

2. Complete you application

Once you know enrollment is open, you need to fill out your application. Your application will then be reviewed to ensure you meet all the necessary criteria.

3. Complete a college readiness course

Before you officially enroll in any classes, JetBlue wants to ensure you are fully prepared for the journey you’re about to begin. A college readiness course is a basic class that will help you prepare for being a student again.

4. Submit transcripts, certificates, and licenses 

Gather any transcripts from previous courses you have completed and any certifications or licenses you have. JetBlue wants to make sure that you receive credit for the things you’ve already put time, money, and effort into. Even if you think something may not count towards your degree, it is always worth asking! 

5. Sign up for classes

Now that you’re admitted and ready to go, the next step is classes. JetBlue Scholars complete their course work online through JetBlue partner universities, which means they can study anywhere they are. You will select classes with the help of an advisor from your MyDegree account (see below).

6. Complete your last semester

Once you have completed all the necessary course work for your degree, you will spend your last semester completing classes with a JetBlue partner university. During this semester, you will receive discounted tuition. Scholarships may also be available for those who qualify.

What is MyDegree?

MyDegree is an academic advising platform to help students keep track of their degree progress. In addition to organizing classes, MyDegree assigns students an advisor to help guide them towards what classes they need and monitors their progress. Access to your MyDegree account will open after you have been admitted as a JetBlue Scholar. 

JetBlue Scholars Masters Pathway

If you’ve already completed your undergraduate degree, JetBlue wants to help you take the next step as well! JetBlue Crewmembers are eligible to attend one of five partner universities to receive their master’s degree. The JetBlue Scholars Master Pathway Program offers over thirty different degree options and tuition discounts. 

Additional options for tuition reimbursement

JetBlue isn’t the only company that wants to help their employees further their education. Below are a few of our guides for how to receive tuition assistance from those companies. 

Frequently asked questions JetBlue Tuition Reimbursement

What does JetBlue tuition reimbursement cover?

JetBlue does not explicitly state what their program covers. Their website states that they offer “discounted tuition and additional scholarships.” If you are thinking about applying to this program, but would like more information about the cost, the JetBlue Scholars website has a link at the bottom of the page where you can request more information. 

What schools can you study at with JetBlue tuition reimbursement?

JetBlue offers a variety of programs through a collection of different academic partners. Thomas Edison State University’s online program is one of the most common partners for course offerings. Overall, their course and school flexibility may be more limited than other programs, but there are still over 400 courses available.

Can I use outside scholarships to help cover costs?

JetBlue offers scholarships in addition to helping with tuition. They do not specify if scholarships from other sources are allowed.

When does enrollment open?

The JetBlue website does not specify when their program opens and closes. If you are an employee who qualifies for the JetBlue Scholars program, ask your employer for more information or submit a request for more information. 

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