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What is NCSA Athletic Recruiting?

Recruitment is an integral part of the college application process for student athletes. You’ll likely want to attend a school that allows you to keep playing the sport you love at an affordable price. One of the first resources student athletes check out is the Next College Student Athlete (NSCA). Keep reading to find out how the NCSA website can benefit you!

What is the NCSA?

The Next College Student Athlete (NSCA) is a popular recruiting platform that allows students to create a recruiting profile as well as gain access to resources to help during the process. There are also free recruiting experts available on the website that provide advice and personalized strategies. It is known as one of the best options for students considering college recruitment. The NCSA isn’t limited to a specific athletic conference, so you can view and reach out to schools from the Big East, Pac-12, SEC, and more!

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How does the NCSA work?

The NCSA was founded by athletes, so they approach recruiting from a student-athlete’s vantage point. Using this platform should make the process simpler and a lot less stressful for you and your family. 

The NCSA aims to maximize your skills and present you as the best possible candidate for the college of your choice. They even connect students with sports camps in their area to increase the likelihood of being recruited.

What do I need to do?

First things first– it’s time to create your NCSA recruiting profile. You’ll be able to include highlights of your best performance and input important information for coaches. After you’ve finished up, NCSA will prompt you to complete the recruiting assessment.

The assessment needs to be scheduled and allows the NCSA team to see where you are in the recruiting process and how best to help you. It’s also important to make sure you’re eligible for NCSA recruitment, which includes a GPA requirement. 

You should also apply for aid. Even though colleges can offer athletic scholarships as part of your recruitment, additional financial aid can cover any leftover expenses you might have. 

Can athletes be recruited without using NCSA?

NCSA is one of the many recruiting routes that you can take, but it is a common option for student-athletes. Another route you could take is reaching out independently to coaches and attending camps and events to show off your skills. 

Student athletes could use a completely different recruiting platform such as Prep Hero or Hudl. It might be easier to use one platform over the other or a coach recommended a specific website. Overall, it all depends on your preference and what feels right for you. 

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Additional resources

Even if you’re focused on athletic scholarships from recruiting, don’t shut yourself off from other forms of financial aid. It’s still important to fill out the FAFSA and CSS Profile applications during your college application process. You should also start thinking about your major and what career you want to pursue. The possibilities are endless, and depending on your major, you can even stick with sports after you graduate!

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Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

  • The NCSA is one of the most popular platforms for college sports recruiting 
  • The NCSA was founded by athletes, so they know what’s important to you during the recruitment process
  • It’s a good idea to get started as soon as possible and create your online profile with your best highlights
  • Be sure to schedule your assessment with an NCSA advisor to get personalized help on your next steps
  • Pay attention to the NCSA eligibility guidelines to make sure you qualify
  • Even though the goal is to be recruited to your dream school, you should still apply for outside aid to ensure any leftover expenses are taken care of
  • You can still get recruited even if you don’t choose to use a recruiting platform like NCSA
Key Takeaways

Frequently asked questions about NCSA

How much does NCSA cost?

It depends. While online recruiting classes and setting up a profile is free, the different packages that the NCSA offers can cost you between $250 to $2,100. Fortunately, college coaches can still view your profile even if you choose the free package.

Is NCSA worth it?

Choosing NCSA isn’t a simple decision, and it can be pricey depending on your package. However, it is a legit platform that is well-known for its success in getting athletes recruited. It’s all about what you’re willing to invest in your college career to get the results you want.