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How to Get UPS Tuition Reimbursement

As an employee at UPS, you can receive financial support toward your education. The Earn & Learn Tuition Assistance program has helped over 290,000 employees to date. Part-time package handlers at over 100 locations nationwide are eligible to participate. This program attracts lots of college students for part-time positions. It also helps jump start moving up the career ladder with UPS! 

First, we will break down the details of Earn & Learn, then outline the steps for getting started. 

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How does UPS Earn & Learn Work?

UPS employees receive up to $5,250 in tuition assistance per calendar year. Individual lifetime funding maxes out at $25,000. 

Only part-time package handlers can participate in this program. The caveat is that the majority of Earn & Learn part-time package handler positions are for abnormal working hour shifts. You might work the sunrise/preload window from 2:00 am to 9:00 am, for instance. Its site says there may be other education assistance programs available for different positions. Don’t hesitate to ask a manager at your local store about additional funding solutions!

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What is it like working as a package handler?

Fortunately, UPSers in a “People Behind the Package” video spoke fondly of package handling roles. They said that it is a fast-paced, physically demanding job that never gets dull and keeps your mind engaged. One employee compared it to working a puzzle every day! If you like teamwork and camaraderie, this is the line of work for you. There are also many avenues for promotion, such as driver supervisor or corporate management positions. 

Are Earn & Learn offerings the same across UPS locations?

Yes, with two big exceptions. Employees at UPS’s largest hubs in Louisville, Kentucky and Hodgins, Illinois have access to additional educational opportunities. For example, employees at the Hodgins facility can participate in a partnership with seven colleges in the area. This initiative, called the Chicagoland Regional College Program (CRCP), gives employees tuition benefits and a monthly stipend on top of their paycheck. 

For high school students in Louisville, there is the School to Work program, which often serves as a feeder for Earn & Learn. High schoolers attend their morning classes then work as package handlers in the afternoon. They can also take courses at Jefferson Community and Technical College. The full list of programs are listed on the Earn & Learn home page. 

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Step-by-step guide for getting UPS tuition reimbursement

1. Visit the Earn & Learn website

UPS has a separate section on its jobs page where you can access positions eligible for Earn & Learn. UPS’s Earn and Learn website houses all the information you need to begin benefitting from this program. 

2. Search for openings in your area

Click on the button “Search for a UPS tuition assistance location near you.” There, you can find a nearby program by selecting your state from a drop-down menu. Participating Earn & Learn locations appear in a list of links directing you to a job application.  

3. Apply for a job 

UPS’s Earn & Learn position postings are an expedited hiring process. UPS is proud that this “is not your typical job application.” You can view basic details of the available role, including the position name, job group, location, and time of day of shift. It will also display your hourly pay. 

4. Get hired and start gaining tuition assistance!

If you complete all of the required sections of the application, you could be offered a conditional job offer within 10 minutes; talk about instant gratification! On your first day as a UPS employee, you are eligible for Earn & Learn. 

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use UPS Earn & Learn on an associate degree?

Yes. UPS Learn & Earn eligibility may vary regionally, however, UPS’s biggest Earn & Learn efforts in Louisville and Hodgins are with community and technical colleges. These partner institutions primarily offer two-year programs.  

Can I use UPS tuition reimbursement on a certificate program?

UPS tuition reimbursement plans vary by region, so the answer to this question may not be consistent throughout the entire nation. That being said, UPS’ most promoted partnerships, such as their programs at their Louisville/Hodgins programs, do allow students to earn certificates with tuition reimbursement.

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Does UPS tuition reimbursement cover any field of study?

Yes! A major perk of Earn & Learn is the freedom to choose what you study. Unlike many companies’ tuition reimbursement policies, UPS offers funding help for any subject that employees wish to learn.

What other learning resources does UPS offer?

UPS University is an online learning platform that every employee can access. In addition to required trainings, UPS University houses a library of courses for continuous learning. You can choose from a wide selection of topics. The classes are also offered in multiple languages!.  

Next steps for students

We encourage you to explore UPS’s Earn & Learn program today! There are likely several locations near you to compare and contrast open roles. The menu of options will be especially robust if you live near the Louisville or Hodgins facilities. And if UPS is not the place for you, there are many other companies that offer tuition reimbursement. Be sure to check out tuition assistance options at Home Depot, Walmart, Chipotle, Starbucks, and Amazon. There is plenty of financial relief available to help support your education while working!