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When Do 2022 AP Scores Come Out?

Everyone knows the feeling of having taken a test and waiting anxiously for the scores to be released. It’s good to know exactly when you will hear back so you know what date to wait for. If you recently took an AP Test, you’re probably wondering when AP scores come out. While we don’t have the exact answer for you quite yet, we can predict when it will come out based on past years.

Read on for the past few years’ AP score release dates, how COVID may affect the test, and more information about AP Tests.

What are AP Tests?

The College Board offers AP Tests to assess students’ proficiency in specific subjects. They offer 38 tests among a wide variety of subjects. These tests are meant to be the conclusion of AP Courses, but you can take an AP Test without taking the course if you choose to self-study. The tests take place every May, and unlike the SAT or ACT, there is only one test date per year. If students miss this date, however, they can typically pay a fee to take a “late test.”

What can you use AP scores for?

High AP Test scores help bolster college applications and may even help students win scholarships or land internships. Colleges also use the tests to determine college credit and placement during your freshman year. AP scores carry more weight at some colleges than at others, so make sure to check with your college to learn what you can do with your score.

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Previous years’ AP score release dates

In the past, the College Board has released AP scores in early and mid-July. In 2019, they came out between July 6 and 9. However, the pandemic changed this schedule and in 2021, they started coming out on July 21, and continued to be released until August 16. The College Board does not anticipate this schedule to repeat in 2021; their website states that the scores will come out in mid-July. Assuming that COVID does not cause any more slowdowns in grading, we can expect to see the results on schedule this year.

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Do you qualify for the AP Scholar Awards?

Did you know that you could qualify for an award by performing well on AP Exams? The College Board honors students who score highly on three or more exams with an AP Scholar Award. Our page about the award includes the criteria and benefits of the award. Although it doesn’t come with any monetary prize, it is a prestigious award that might help you earn admission to your dream college, or to earn a scholarship that helps pay your way through college.

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Next steps

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Finally, as it comes time to fund your education, we can steer you in the direction of some great scholarships. Check out our scholarships by state, and sign up for our scholarship search tool, which custom-matches you with vetted scholarships and automatically updates with new opportunities. Good luck with your college search, and be sure to check back if you need any other advice!