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How Do You Pay For AP Exams?

The College Board offers AP Exams as a great way to earn college credit in high school and assess everything you learned in your AP Class. As you are preparing to take your AP Exams, you might wonder how exactly to pay for them. Unlike other standardized tests, you cannot sign up for AP Exams directly through the College Board’s website. You’ll have to sign up through your school’s AP Coordinator. Here’s everything you need to know about paying for AP Exams.

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Who do I pay for my AP Exams?

Rather than paying your fees directly to the College Board, you’ll pay them to your school, who will in turn pay them to the College Board. The method of payment may vary by school. You should reach out to your school’s AP Coordinator to figure out what to do. If you’re not sure who the AP Coordinator is, ask your school’s guidance counselor or the teacher of your AP Course.

Typically, AP Coordinator is not a full-time job, but rather one of the duties of someone with a clerical job at your school. So, you probably won’t see an “AP Coordinator” listed on your school’s website. This is why it’s necessary to ask around to find out.

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When do I pay for AP Exams?

The College Board requires that all schools submit their students’ AP Exam requests by November 15. Each school has their own deadline to receive requests and payments from students. Some might be close to the College Board’s due date, while others may require more time in between the two in order to organize their files. Talk to your AP Coordinator to find out their due date.

Students can also typically request an AP Exam between November 16 and March 15 for an additional $40 fee per exam. So, if you don’t submit your request by the November deadline, don’t fear. You can still take the test, but will have to pay a little extra.

How much do AP Exams cost?

AP Exams cost $98 each, and if you don’t submit your request by the deadline of November 15, you’ll have to pay an additional $40 for a total of $138.

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Are there AP Exam Fee Waivers?

The College Board offers AP Exam fee reductions for students with economic need. These are not full waivers, but they do bring the price down to a total of $62 rather than $98. Make sure to talk to your AP Coordinator long in advance of the due date to give yourself time to submit documents that prove your reduced fee eligibility.

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Are AP Exam fees worth it?

If you think you have a good chance of scoring well on your AP Exam, your exam fee is probably worth it. AP Exams have a few advantages. If you score well, you could gain college credit and even place out of classes. This could even set you on a path to graduate early and save money on college tuition. You could also help your chances for earning scholarships and gaining admission to schools. 

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Do I have to take an AP Exam if I took the course?

You don’t have to take an AP Exam if you took the course. However, many AP Class teachers use a practice AP Exam as their final. So, there’s a good chance you’ll have to study for the AP Test anyway. If you can afford the fee, it’s often a worthwhile investment to take the test. Additionally, some AP teachers offer extra credit to students who take the exam.

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What happens if I fail my AP Exam?

When taking your AP Exam, you really have nothing to lose but your test fee and the time you spend taking it. You have the choice not to send your score to colleges if you don’t end up doing well. And even if your colleges do see the result, most admissions officers don’t weight a negative AP score very heavily at all.

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What if two of my tests are at the same date and time?

If two of your tests are on the same date and time, you’ll be able to take one of them at a later time. You’ll have to apply to take one of them late, which takes some planning. Make sure to reach out to your AP Coordinator on the early side in order to accommodate this. You won’t have to pay the late fee if your late test is due to an AP Test scheduling conflict.

How long do AP Exams last?

AP Exam lengths vary based on the subject, but they all fall somewhere between 2 and 3 hours. Keep in mind that even if you finish early, you won’t be able to leave the AP Exam session until it’s over.

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

  • You will pay for AP Exams through your school. Contact your AP Coordinator to find out how to pay
  • Payment deadlines vary by school but students must always pay before November 15 to avoid a late fee
  • AP Exams cost $98 with an additional $40 fee if you pay late
  • Students with financial need can apply for a fee reduction to pay $62 rather than $98
  • You can take an AP Exam even if you didn’t take the corresponding AP Course
Key Takeaways