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Top Podcasts for College Students 

Podcasts are a great way to stay up to date with news and learn new things while listening to stories, but did you know that they also could be a valuable tool in your college journey? Podcasts for college students have certainly grown in popularity over the past several years, so there are a variety of listening options. In this article, we’ll look at which podcasts might be beneficial for you! 

Why listen to podcasts?  

Though we briefly said that podcasts are a great way to learn and listen to news, you still might be feeling like they’re not worth your time. So, let’s start this article with a quick note about podcasts. 

First, you might not like podcasts, and if that’s the case, that’s okay–they aren’t for everyone. Some people prefer books or reading the news instead of listening to it. However, for some of you, podcasts may be all you listen to. Perhaps you even dream of hosting your own podcast some day! If that’s the case, this article will highlight some grade A podcasts that you should consider incorporating into your daily life. Okay, now let’s jump in and look at the podcasts we recommend! 

Financial podcasts  

Finances can be a confusing and scary topic that you must deal with as you become an adult. Below are some podcasts that might help you feel a little better about finances and not having it all figured out! 

Bad with Money  

If finances are an area that you want to know more about, Bad With Money is the podcast for you! Gaby Dunn keeps it real by sharing her own candid financial experiences and all the mistakes she’s made while becoming an adult and handling finances. Plus, if you’re more of a reader, you can read the book that she wrote and based her podcast on!  

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The College Investor 

Learning about investing, college loans, and how to grow your wealth as a young student is just the tip of the iceberg for the College Investor podcast! Originally based on their blog, this podcast is basically an audio version of the blog, which means everything you want to know can be found in a written format as well!  

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Becoming curious about how you can improve your studying and productivity as a college student is a great thing to do! Podcasts have made it that much easier to explore those curiosities and help you grow as a person. Put one on while you get ready in the morning, listen to it while you work out, or turn it on during just about any other activity!  

The Inforium (AKA The College Info Geeks) 

Whether you want to learn about study tips, finances, or how to get a job you love, The Inforium can help you explore all of that. If the voices on this podcast sound familiar, it’s because they are! The Inforium is the rebranding of a podcast called The College Info Geeks. The podcasts’ hosts Thomas Frank and Martin Boehme changed their podcast’s name to welcome a more diverse audience. While their content is helpful for college students, they wanted other students, both older and younger, to feel that they could benefit from their podcast! 

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Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

With almost a thousand episodes TLBC will have something for everyone! The host Gregg Clunis wants to make self-improvement and development easy by exploring our day to day behaviors. And, with episode lengths being between 10-15 minutes, it’s easy to listen to a few episodes at a time!  

Unlocking Us  

Looking to learn about how you can become a better you through your emotions? Unlocking Us host, Brené Brown, is a researcher and storyteller with a goal of helping people understand the connection between vulnerability and courage. Her podcast discusses everything from her own experiences and troubles to some of the most groundbreaking research about psychology and human behavior. Guests on Unlocking Us range from highly respected scientists to actors and directors!

Shoutout from the student author

I take something new away from each episode of “Unlocking Us” that I listen to! Brené Brown talks about everything from how to handle feelings of guilt and shame to what to do when you and your partner are struggling, while simultaneously being genuine and funny. I would recommend this podcast to every single person I know, especially fellow students who are experiencing so many new emotions and situations at college
Cait Williams

Student author

Ohio University

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Staying up to date with the news can be hard as a student. You already have plenty to read and research, right? Adding the news into that mix might push you over the edge, but what if you could listen to the news? Below are two podcasts from highly vetted media that we recommend for staying up to date with current events! 

The Daily 

The Daily is just what it sounds like: a daily podcast that sums up the news of the day in a concise twenty minute format. It’s the perfect show to listen to in the morning or on the way to class. It’s released five days a week by New York Times Michael Barbaro and Sabrina Tavernise. 

Up First  

If you’re looking for something even more concise, then Up First is the news podcast for you. This NPR podcast highlights three top stories from all over the world that day and tells you what you need to know in just about ten minutes. 

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If you’re the type of person who just can’t get enough new knowledge, even after going to lectures all week, then check out these podcasts listed here! They discuss some of the most diverse topics with real life experts!  

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders 

This one is for the business majors! This podcast was brought to you by Stanford University. This weekly podcast highlights entrepreneurs and the developing ideas and lessons they have learned. You don’t have to listen to this podcast in order, which means if there’s a specific name or entrepreneurial topic that catches your eye, give it a listen!  

TED Talks Daily 

Every weekday TED Talks Daily brings you topics that span from how we can live as happier people to artificial intelligence and everything in between. Each episode features clips from real TED talks and expert input on the topic.  

Stuff You Should Know 

Have you ever wondered how easy bake ovens work? Or why we experience emotional pain? On Stuff You Should Know, Chuck and Josh will answer all your questions and more! For students who just can’t get enough knowledge, this is a podcast for you. Listen to it on your walk between classes, your commute to campus, or while you’re doing dishes! With every episode, you are guaranteed to learn something new!  

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Look for local podcasts 

Podcasts are becoming more popular as resources to create such media become more available. It’s not uncommon for colleges, local radio stations, and local media outlets to have their own podcasts. If you’re looking for a new show, try looking local first, especially if podcasting is something you yourself are interested in. You never know what local podcasts may offer internships or are looking for local people to interview!  

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Try looking by major 

The last note we’ll make as we close out today is to look for podcasts related to your major. Podcasts are also becoming more specialized, which means if you’re a chemical engineer or a business major, there’s likely something specific for you out there!   

Frequently asked questions about podcasts

Can you get a degree in podcasting?

While a degree in podcasting is not unheard of, they are rare. The number of schools implementing podcasting degrees, minors, and certificates is growing. As of right now, there is no specific degree that you would need to begin a podcast. Communication, Journalism, and digital media degrees are other degree options that you may find helpful to look into if podcasting is something you plan to pursue.

Is having a podcast good for college?

  If you were part of a podcast during high school, that is certainly something you could include on your college applications! There’s no guarantee that you will automatically stick out as a candidate for this. However, if it was something important to you, then it is a great thing to share with colleges so that they can get a better idea of who you are!

Where can I listen to podcasts for free?

Most podcasts these days are widely available across several platforms. Apple and Android users can use built in apps like Apple podcasts and Google podcasts to listen to for free. If you have a Spotify subscription, you will also be able to listen there as well. Finally, most podcasts that have their own websites post their content on their websites for listeners there. The bottom line is that you really shouldn’t need to pay for any podcast! Happy listening!