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Free ACT Test Prep

Are you looking for high quality ACT test prep that doesn’t cost a dime? You are in luck! We did the research for you and came up with a list that offers something for everyone. 

The ACT  

“American College Testing,” better known as the ACT, is an exam used by colleges and universities as part of the admissions process. Most students take the ACT between grades 10 through 12 of high school. The ACT has four required parts– English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. It also has an optional Writing section. Aside from the writing section, each section has a test of 36 multiple choice questions with four answers to choose from. Colleges look at  the “composite score,” which is the average of the four tests rounded to the nearest whole number. 

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Does 100% free ACT test preparation really exist?

Yes! The following are the tip of the iceberg as far as ACT free practice options. There are many companies that offer free test prep, so we listed the most reputable companies that have been assisting students for a long time. Remember, your local library is an excellent resource when it comes to college test prep as well, so pay them a visit if you prefer a face-to-face experience! Ok, let’s take a look at some of the top ACT test prep companies and see what they offer students looking for free resources!

ACT test prep from American College Testing (ACT)

Free ACT test prep is offered by the actual makers of the ACT test, so you can’t get any more authentic than their questions! In addition to the free online tests for all subjects, students can order free study guides and also watch ACT prep sample classes videos. Whether you are just beginning your ACT test prep process or looking for some extra practice before testing day, this free ACT program is a useful resource.

Kaplan free ACT test prep

Answer official ACT questions and familiarize yourself with the four sections with the Kaplan ACT test prep program. Students can take ACT half-length practice tests with official ACT questions. The truly motivated can sign up for ACT pop quizzes and an ACT “question of the day” delivered to their email account every single day!  Kaplan knows how to make ACT practice fun as well as effective if you stick with the program and practice! 

Princeton Review free ACT test prep

The Princeton Review offers lots of free resources for ACT test takers, including full-length practice tests. Students can instantly check where they stand through the online score report that details their strengths and weaknesses. Students can take advantage of live “paper and pen” test practice sessions right in their own neighborhoods for zero cost. In addition to both online and in-person test taking opportunities, the Princeton Review offers self-paced study sessions of two weeks and strategy session webinars. No matter your financial status. You can take advantage of these free offerings to raise your score!

Magoosh ACT prep

Magoosh ACT prep offers a free seven day trial. After that, students can sign up for three months of access to over 250 video lessons, 1,500 practice questions (each question has its own explanation video), and four practice tests. Once signed up, Magoosh offers email assistance from experienced ACT tutors. While not free at $89.00 after the one week trial period, Magoosh is priced considerably lower than the other prep programs mentioned, and students seem to love it!

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Additional Scholarships360 resources for test takers

Got test anxiety?

If you get nervous taking tests, remember that you are not alone! Learn the top ten tip to reduce anxiety so you can put your best self forward on test day!


Are you unsure of which standardized college admission test to take? There are differences between the SAT and ACT, so make sure you explore both tests.

Looking for free SAT test prep?

If you are looking for free SAT test prep, we already did the work for you! Check out our free SAT test prep guide and take as many practice tests as you want without paying a dime!

Best of luck preparing for and taking the ACT and any and all the tests you take!

Frequently asked questions about free ACT test prep

Why is ACT test prep important?

ACT test prep helps students familiarize themselves with the test content and formatting. By preparing for the ACT, students will better understand the main subject areas of the ACT test. Test-taking skills will improve as students learn strategies to master the content. College admission prospects and potential scholarship awards are all reasons to be prepared for the ACT.

Should I take the writing portion of the ACT?

It depends. There is no “one size fits all” answer to whether or not students should take the ACT writing section. Most schools, including the Ivy League, and large public universities, do not require nor recommend sending in the ACT writing section. Check with the colleges or universities you plan to apply to learn whether they recommend or require the ACT writing section.

How long does the ACT test take?

Without the Writing section, the ACT takes approximately 2 hours and 55 minutes. With the Writing section, the total time increases to approximately 3 hours and 35 minutes.

How do I register for the ACT?

Students register online through the official ACT website. While there is a registration cost, fee waivers are available for students with demonstrated financial need.