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Top Free SAT Practice Tests & Prep Resources

In spite of test-optional policies, standardized testing remains an important part of the college admissions process. If you plan on taking the SAT, it’s a good idea to take an SAT practice test beforehand. In this guide, we’ve listed several websites that provide 100% free SAT practice tests and study resources. 

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1. College Board

The College Board administers the SAT, and also provides resources to help students prepare for the exam. The site offers eight SAT practice tests that can be downloaded for free. These tests are great because they’re written by the same people who developed the SAT. 

College Board is also the go-to site for accessing key information regarding the SAT. If you have any questions regarding SAT dates and deadlines, registration, test centers, or scores, College Board should be the first place you check. You can find all of this information under the SAT tab on College Board’s website. 

2. Khan Academy 

The great thing about Khan Academy is that they offer personalized practice plans tailored to your specific needs. Once you create an account with the site (for free), you’ll be prompted to put together a study plan based on your results from the PSAT. If you haven’t already taken the PSAT, you can take a quick diagnostic quiz that assesses your strengths and weaknesses. From there, Khan Academy will create a study plan that works for you.

Khan Academy offers eight full-length practice tests, all of which are developed in conjunction with the College Board. The site also offers thousands of practice questions, videos, lessons, and test-taking tips and strategies. The best part about it all is that you get constant feedback on your progression. 

3. Kaplan 

Kaplan is another online platform that offers free SAT prep resources. The site provides full-length realistic practice tests, along with detailed score reports indicating how you can improve. In your score report you’ll also find answers and explanations for every question. 

If you don’t have time for a full practice test, there are other study options on the site as well. Kaplan’s 20-Minute Workout features 12 exam-style questions, complete with explanations and tips that can help raise your score. Plus, Kaplan’s Question of the Day is a great way to incorporate SAT prep into your daily routine.  

4. Princeton Review

The Princeton Review offers several free resources to help students prepare for the SAT. The site provides full-length practice tests, along with comprehensive score reports detailing your strengths and weaknesses. On the site, you’ll also find free webinars covering topics such as paying for college and test-optional admissions. 

5. Scholarships360

Here at Scholarships360, we offer a variety of resources designed to help students learn about and prepare for the SAT. Check out the following posts to get started: 

6. UPchieve

UPchieve offers free SAT prep that allows you to instantly connect with one of their SAT tutors. Get help with reading comprehension knowledge, improve your grammar skills, and go through practice SAT math questions. UPchieve also offers tips and tricks to help you beat test anxiety!

Final thoughts

As you prepare for the SAT, you’ll probably have a lot of questions come up about the entire college admissions process. We can help with all of them! You can start with our guides about how to reduce test taking anxiety, and the differences between the ACT and SAT. We can help you time when to take either of the tests and, if you aren’t feeling confident, you can check out our guide to college admissions for low test takers. It’s good to assure yourself that no matter how you do on the SAT, you’ll be able to find a great college fit.

Finally, remember that it’s never too early to start applying for scholarships to fund your education. We can help with that too! Our free scholarship search tool offers custom-matched scholarships based on your demographics, interests, and more. What’s more, we automatically update it with new opportunities and allow you to use it to keep track of any scholarship you’re interested in.

Good luck out there, and remember, as questions arise for any step of the admissions process, you can count on us for answers.

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