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What is RaiseMe?

Asking yourself, “What is Raise Me?” We have answers! RaiseMe is a micro-scholarship program that awards students with scholarships for the good stuff, including good grades, extracurricular activities, community service, and other college preparatory activities. Read on to learn more about RaiseMe and how you could be eligible to receive scholarships for things you are already doing! 

A deeper dive into what RaiseMe is about

RaiseMe is an organization that provides micro-scholarships (aka “small scholarships”) tied to specific achievements to high school and community college students looking to transfer. The organization has partnerships with over 300 colleges and universities in the United States that these micro-scholarships can be applied to. 

RaiseMe micro-scholarships can be rewarded for the following reasons: 

Steps to receiving RaiseMe scholarships

1. Sign up for an account at RaiseMe

To begin, you will need to create a RaiseMe account and portfolio. After you create an account, you may be eligible to begin receiving micro-scholarships beginning as early as the 9th grade. 

2. Follow the colleges and universities you are interested in

Once you are logged into your RaiseMe account, you will then be able to express your interest in certain schools by following them on RaiseMe. Then, if you meet the eligibility requirements for that college, you will be able to earn micro-scholarships towards that particular school. 

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3. Receive the RaiseMe micro-scholarships for the college you will be attending! 

Once you determine which college you will be attending during your senior year of high school or sophomore year of community college, you will be able to apply for the micro-scholarships you have racked up towards that school! 

In order to lock in the micro-scholarships, you must be following the college you want to attend, enter all of your grades by the RaiseMe deadline, and then submit your formal application to the college you want to attend. Then, any micro-scholarships you have earned through RaiseMe will be included in your award package of that college. 

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Key elements of the micro-scholarship program

Maximum award

There is a maximum award that can be reached per college. The number is shown in total awards and is for across four years of attendance

Eligibility requirements

Students need to meet the eligibility requirements that a college sets such as minimum unweighted GPA, number of credits if already in college, and specific timelines

Be mindful of deadlines!

It is important to take note of the deadlines for the RaiseMe program! If deadlines are not abided by, then you will not receive compensation for your micro-scholarships

What schools are partnered with RaiseMe? 

Some college programs on RaiseMe are limited to specific students who reach certain eligibility requirements. Therefore to view what colleges you can use RaiseMe with, you should search in your RaiseMe account to scroll through eligible colleges. RaiseMe is partnered with over 300 colleges and universities in the United States, and growing! 

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Will the micro-scholarships be deducted from my financial aid package of a college? 

Micro-scholarships earned from RaiseMe will not impact how an individual is evaluated for institutional awards or financial aid. In fact, you may be awarded a larger grant or scholarship. If you do receive a larger scholarship upon admission, then your scholarship package will include the amount you have earned on RaiseMe. 

Frequently asked questions about RaiseMe

Is RaiseMe free to use? 

Yes! RaiseMe is completely free for students, parents, educators, and high schools to use. 

How many micro-scholarships are earned with each achievement? 

Each college chooses how much money an achievement is awarded for. 

What is the largest amount of money I could earn through RaiseMe? 

It is up to the college to set the maximum limit. Therefore, do some research on the colleges you are interested in to see how much you could earn through RaiseMe for them. 

Can I still earn financial aid from colleges in addition to RaiseMe micro-scholarships? 

Yes! RaiseMe automatically submits your portfolio to the colleges you are following on their deadlines.
The amount you earn on RaiseMe is the minimum amount that a college will award you if you enroll in their school. However, the college can always decide to award you more scholarships baked on merit or need once they see your application for admission. 

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How do I receive the RaiseMe money? 

The money on RaiseMe represents scholarship dollars from colleges and is applied as a discount on your tuition when you enroll. There is no physical or online cash given to students from RaiseMe. 

Can I earn dollars from multiple colleges at the same time? 

Yes! You can earn from multiple colleges at once by following all of the colleges you are interested in. However, you will only receive the scholarship funds for the college that you are accepted into and plan to attend. 

Can I use the scholarships I earn from one school for a different school of my choice? 

No! Micro-scholarships are not transferable from different schools because they are awarded by the school itself. 

Is RaiseMe for real? 

Yes–RaiseMe is not too good to be true! The scholarship money comes from colleges themselves and not RaiseMe. Rather, RaiseMe provides opportunities for students to earn scholarships before they apply to colleges and universities.