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Left Handed Scholarships: Do They Exist?

It seems like there are scholarships for nearly everything. In fact, we have a specific scholarship guide that is solely dedicated to the weirdest and most unusual scholarships we can find. One of the types of scholarships that is not part of this guide is left handed scholarships.

You might be wondering, “why no left handed scholarships?” The big reason is that left handed scholarships don’t exist anymore (to our knowledge).

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Keep on reading to learn more about what happened to the left handed scholarships that no longer exist, as well as some scholarships that lefties can still apply for!

Left handed scholarships

The most prominent left handed scholarship was the Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Left-Handed Scholarship. I say “was”, because the scholarship no longer exists on the Juniata College website, which is the college that offered the scholarship.

In case you were interested, the Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Left-Handed Scholarship was a $1,500 scholarship that was offered to left handed students who were accepted to and attending Juniata College. This means that it was a very specific scholarship and unlikely to be useful unless you were attending Juniata.

How to find scholarships for left handed people?

Sorry to start with the bad news if you were expecting to find a long list of scholarships for left handed students. The good news for lefties is that there are still lots of scholarships available to you. Chances are that you have other attributes, interests, experiences, and ambitions that align with other scholarship opportunities.

Our free custom scholarship search tool is a great way to dive into these other interests and find opportunities that match your demographics, interests, geographic location, and more. Each opportunity is vetted and it automatically updates as opportunities close and new ones open.

In addition to our search tool, here are a few ways that you can get started in your scholarship search:

Scholarships by grade level

Left handed students who are in school will be eligible for a wide variety of scholarships that are based on grade level. Here are a few top scholarship lists that we’ve curated to get you started:

Scholarships by interest

Another way to start your scholarship search is by focusing on your interests! These interests can include academic and extracurricular passions. Here are a few of our top scholarship guides for students of different interests!

Bottom line

While there may not be specific scholarships for left handed students, there are a number of scholarships that you are likely eligible for. In addition to the above scholarship guides, you can check out our scholarship directory which has our complete list of top scholarship guides.

Students who are on the scholarship hunt should also be sure to sign up for our search tool to get matched to personalized scholarships, updated daily!