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What is SSS Financial Aid?

For some students and their families, financial aid is key to helping them pay for private school. The School & Student Services (SSS) platform helps make the process of applying for financial aid easier. Read more about what SSS financial aid is and how it helps students access private school education! 

What is SSS? 

School & Student Services (SSS) is an organization that partners with private and independent K-12 schools to provide a financial aid platform. The SSS platform helps determine a family’s ability to pay private K-12 school costs. This service and process helps ensure that all schools use the same methods and objective procedures to evaluate the financial aid application. 

What determines how much financial aid students receive? 

K-12 schools use financial need to determine how much financial aid to provide to students. Therefore, to determine how much financial assistance is needed for a student, schools use the SSS computations to figure out how much a family can contribute. 

The type of information a school needs to determine financial assistance may include: 

  • Income 
  • Family size
  • Savings, investments, and other assess
  • Children’s assets
  • Medical, dental, and unusual health expenses

This information is collected on what is called the Parent’s Financial Statement (or PFS). The PFS is then shared with all of the schools the student wants to apply to. The PFS only needs to be filled out once and can be sent to multiple schools. 

After calculating the difference between the resources that a family has and the cost of their tuition and fees, schools weigh the resulting financial need against their available financial aid funds. 

What are some features of SSS? 

Easy application monitoring

It is extremely easy to track an application’s progress on a personalized dashboard

Quick application delivery

Within one hour of submitting the PFS, the calculated family contribution will be available in a detailed student folder for viewing 

Fast document verification

The average verification time for tax forms is 15 hours after the parent uploads 

Steps to apply for financial assistance through the SSS platform

  1. Parents complete and submit a PFS
  2. SSS calculates a family contribution
  3. School of choice receives PFS and family contribution calculation
  4. Parents upload tax forms
  5. SSS verifies tax forms
  6. School of choice reviews student folders and makes award decisions
  7. School communicates award offers with parents

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Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

  • SSS computes how much a family can afford to pay for their student’s education and then sends this information to the desired private schools
  • SSS offers an easy-to-use online platform so families can track applications and verify tax documents
  • Ultimately, the desired school has the last say on how much financial aid will be awarded to a family  
Key Takeaways

Additional resources

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