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How to Get Papa John’s Tuition Reimbursement

Papa John’s is one of the many restaurants jumping on board to help its employees pay for school. Their tuition assistance program offers access to two universities and over a hundred different degree options. Papa John’s hopes to aid its corporate and franchise team members in obtaining an education by offering full and partial assistance programs.

How does Papa John’s tuition reimbursement work?

The Dough & Degrees Program gives Papa John’s employees the option to attend Purdue University Global and the University of Maryland Global Campus. Both schools offer many degree choices, but offer different levels of support. 

Purdue University

Purdue University offers all sorts of degrees, from accounting to psychology. To help you decide on a major, they have several tools on their website. Simply pick a major, answer a few questions, and they’ll give you a snapshot of what your degree path looks like. 

The University of Maryland Global Campus 

The University of Maryland Global Campus offers over 125 degree programs to choose from. They have tools on their website to help you choose what degree is right for you. Non-specialty undergraduate and graduate programs, franchise members, spouses, and dependents are eligible to receive a 25 percent tuition discount. Corporate team members pursuing an undergraduate degree can take up to six courses per year for a reduced cost. Graduate students pursuing master’s degrees are eligible for 25 percent savings and a five percent savings on specialty programs. 

How to start the process of gaining tuition assistance

Since Papa John’s partners with two different universities, there are two different paths to tuition assistance. Below are the steps for each university. Steps one and two are the same for both universities. After that, however, the steps become specific to each university. 

1. Become an employee

The first step is to obtain a job at Papa John’s as a corporate or franchise employee. Papa John’s website has all of their job openings listed. To find a job, just visit their website and input your zip code to look for jobs near you. Already a Papa John’s employee? That’s great! Identify whether you are a corporate or franchise employee to get started. 

2. Inquire about the Dough & Degrees program

Papa John’s does not specify how long franchise employees must work before being eligible to obtain access to this program. Purdue University Global offers 100% tuition coverage for corporate team members after working 90 days and averaging 20+ hours a week, but that is the only specification they offer. Be sure to ask your employer for more information.

Next, choose a campus:

The University of Maryland Global Campus

1. Apply for admission

Your next step is to apply for admission to UMGC. When you submit your application, select “Papa John’s” as your employer.

2. Complete your FAFSA

Without completing the FAFSA, you will not be able to receive tuition reimbursement from Papa John’s.

3. Verify your employment

You will have to complete a tuition benefits verification form for every term that you enroll in classes. There are different forms for employees, spouses, and dependents to use

4. Enroll for classes!

You’re almost there! Your last step is to use your new Student ID and enroll in classes!


Purdue University Global

1. Apply for admission or request more information

Purdue has an easy online application that anyone can fill out. If this is the school for you, get started today! If you still need more information, there is a phone number and information request form that you can fill out

2. You’re admitted or they contacted you back

Congrats, you are ready for your next step! If they have admitted you, inform your employer and ask what your next steps are. You will likely need to fill out your FAFSA and specific forms from Purdue University

If they have responded back to your request for information, your next step is to apply if this is the right opportunity for you. If you still have questions, don’t be afraid to reach back out to them or ask to speak directly with someone. Your employer may be able to answer some of your questions as well. 

Frequently asked questions about Papa John’s tuition reimbursement

What does tuition assistance cover?

Tuition assistance varies based on if you’re a franchise or corporate employee and which university you plan to attend. Franchise employees receive full tuition and book reimbursement from both universities.

What if you’re on the fence about going back to school?

Purdue offers a three week trial period for students to decide if going to school is right for them. The trial period has no financial obligation. Also, take time to explore all the different majors and tools that both universities have to offer on their websites.

Where does Papa John’s offer jobs?

Corporate and franchise jobs are available at Papa John’s headquarters located in Louisville, Kentucky and Atlanta, Georgia. Franchise positions are located all across the United States. The Papa John’s website will help you search for jobs. 

What if I have already received some transfer credits?

If you have credits from previous coursework, you may be able to use them towards your degree. Both universities accept credits from other institutions that meet their transfer criteria. You can use the transfer guides on their website to see if your credits will count towards your degree. If you still have questions, call or email them to receive more information, or reach out to your supervisor for guidance. 

What if I don’t end up using my degree after I get it?

Papa John’s doesn’t mind–they just want to see their employees succeed! However, you should check at the start of the process if you will be obligated to work for a certain amount of time after obtaining your degree as Papa John’s website does not specify. 

Additional resources

Applying for tuition reimbursement programs can look intimidating at first, but don’t get discouraged! Take this process one small step at a time. If Papa John’s isn’t the company for you, check out the other guides we offer to gain tuition assistance from other companies.