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How to Respond to the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Essay Prompt

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, also known as WPI, is the 3rd oldest private technological school in the United States. Rich with history, WPI is a sought-after  institution of higher education, especially for engineering and technology. To stand out, you’ll want your WPI supplemental essay to shine. Luckily, Scholarships360 has a guide about how to respond to the WPI supplement essay!

Breaking down the WPI supplemental essay

Time to celebrate–WPI requires applicants to respond to only one WPI supplemental essay! WPI asks students to respond to the classic “Why us?” prompt. It can be challenging to make your essay stand out from the rest of applicants, but we have a few tips to share. Let’s get started! 

The WPI supplement essay

“Worcester Polytechnic Institute seeks students who are the right fit for its academic and campus community. In what ways are you the right fit for the distinctive educational and campus experience that Worcester Polytechnic Institute offers?” (500 words) 

WPI wants to get to know you and your genuine interest in WPI. The way WPI worded this question emphasizes that they want to know how you will fit into WPI rather than how WPI is a good fit for you. Although these concepts are similar, they are not the same thing. Therefore, be sure to focus on aspects of yourself throughout this essay. 

In order to ace the WPI essay, you should connect your uniqueness with the unique elements that WPI offers to students. Make sure to emphasize the overlap between your interests and the amenities offered by WPI. 

How to start the WPI supplemental essay

Before beginning to write your WPI supplemental essay, do your research!  It is so important that you become an expert and familiarize yourself with everything WPI. 

Start out by researching the following: 

  • Professors
  • Courses
  • Clubs
  • Traditions
  • Campus
  • Athletics
  • Location
  • Majors

Remember, there is only one WPI supplemental essay, so a lot of applicants will have similar answers. Therefore, stay authentic to your personal interests and select aspects of WPI that will allow these interests to thrive. 

Be specific

In addition, be specific! For example, do not say you are looking forward to taking science classes, rather, say you are looking forward to taking BB 1025: Human Biology because you have always wanted to learn more about human structure and function. See how that worked? By being specific, you will demonstrate that you want to attend WPI. 

Once you have a good collection of meaningful aspects of WPI that connect to your interests, you should then focus on arranging them in a meaningful way.

Tell a story that connects to WPI

Your response should tell an intriguing story instead of just listing items. Try to detail a narrative of your journey of discovering how perfect a fit WPI is for you. You can accomplish this by highlighting your intended major and general interests that make you unique from other applicants. Then, connect back to WPI and the resources they provide that will help you achieve those very goals. 

Questions to consider

  • What makes you stand out from other WPI applicants? 
  • What makes WPI stand out from other schools? 
  • Are there any WPI clubs or organizations you want to become involved in? 
  • What characteristics do you possess that WPI looks for in a potential student? 
  • What is your intended major? What do you plan to do with this degree? 

Be sure that you are answering most of these questions throughout your response. 

Tips for answering this essay

  • Be specific
  • “Show” rather than tell
  • Do your research on WPI beforehand (and take notes!)
  • Connect to relevant WPI programs

Final thoughts on responding to the WPI supplemental essay

The WPI supplemental essay is an excellent opportunity to help make your application stand out from other applicants. Therefore, when you have completed your WPI essay, have a trusted individual read it.  They can ensure that you did not make any silly mistakes and that you followed the prompt accurately. 

In addition, be sure to stay within the 500 word limit. If you are over 500 words, try cutting out transition and filler words. If you are under 500 words, try mindfully adding more descriptive words to make your essay come to life. Good luck! 

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