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How to Respond to the Boston University Supplemental Essay Prompts 2022/2023

For many students, supplemental essays can be one of the most intimidating portions of a college application. But they are not so bad! The Boston University supplemental essay invites you to elaborate on the experiences and perspectives you bring to the table. Plus, they are your chance to show admissions why their school is your ideal place to study. 

Boston University has two supplemental essay prompts, and one is optional. If you are applying to multiple schools, these may be shorter questions than you are used to. However, the prompt’s simplicity makes it especially important to come up with a thoughtful, fresh answer. 

We will walk you through both prompts and provide questions to begin asking yourself. These thought starters will help you generate ideas and find the story you’d most like to share. 

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Prompt #1

“What about being a student at Boston University most excites you? (250 words)”

To ace this prompt, you need to do some research. There are tons of exciting aspects about college, from living in a dorm to picking a major to cheering on your school’s athletic teams. But what is it about BU specifically that makes it your dream? Explore BU’s website, look at the course catalog, check out its social media pages. Take notes on anything about the school that genuinely intrigues you! Another way to approach this essay is to think of what you are currently involved with in high school, or any passions you have. Look into what BU offers that might allow you to channel those interests. How does BU fulfill what you desire out of your college experience more than any other school? When you back up that claim with examples, it signals you have done your homework.

Questions to consider: 

  • Do you have any personal connections to Boston University? Such as family members whose pride for their school is something you admire and wish to have yourself? 
  • Does BU have any clubs you can see yourself belonging to? Or something that energizes you academically, like a unique study abroad program?  
  • When you look at the school’s values, mission statements, etc., how do those matchup with your own character? 

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Prompt #2 (Optional)

“Please use this space if you have additional information, materials, or writing samples you would like us to consider.”

First, remember that this is not a required prompt, so do not feel pressured to answer. But if you do have additional information that would enhance your application, go for it! 

An example could be sharing a poem that won an award and supports your declaration that writing is your biggest skillset. Connecting any talent or interest that you reference with how BU enables you to further pursue it will elevate your response. This is also the space to address any red flags your application may have. Maybe you had abnormally low grades one semester due to extenuating circumstances. If you feel comfortable, you can share the reasoning behind this lapse in your academic record. Vulnerability and humility will be appreciated here! Overall, try to stay optimistic and showcase what you’ve learned from overcoming those obstacles.  

Questions to consider: 

  • Have you gained recognition for any projects, films, pieces of writing, etc. that support your academic goals at BU? 
  • Is there something integral about your identity that you feel should be shared with the admissions team? 
  • Are there any weak areas in your application that you would like the chance to explain?  

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Final thoughts

After reading the above tips, you should be well on your way to writing stellar Boston University supplemental essays! Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to write and revise. 250 words is not “a lot” for most students who are applying to a college like Boston University. However, it is all the more challenging (and fun!) to allow “you” to come through with such a limited word limit. Best of luck with your supplemental essays!

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Additional resources

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