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Top 10 Summer Law School Programs for High School Students

Choosing to pursue a career in law is a big step, so you should take advantage of every possible opportunity to learn more about practicing law. Attending a summer law program for high school students might be just the thing. You can never start too early, so keep reading to find out more about law programs that you can take part in this summer!

What is a summer law school program?

Deciding to participate in a summer program is a good opportunity to immerse yourself in one of your major interests. Hopefully, you will leave that program knowing whether you want to pursue that interest in college or as a possible career. Overall, you can gain friendships and skills while still having a fun summer!

Why we chose these programs

Law is a competitive field of study, and there are plenty of summer programs out there to help push your career forward. Unfortunately, we can’t list all of them in this article, but this list includes some of the most established programs. We did our best to include a range of prices, including a number of free programs. Each one has its own benefits, so do your research and pick the right fit for you.

Note about application deadlines and program open and close dates

Depending on when you start your search for summer programs, some deadlines might be quickly approaching or already passed. However, don’t be discouraged because there’s plenty of time and opportunities to learn more about law. Be sure to stay on top of the deadlines that are still open so you can ensure a spot at your next summer program. Remember, the earlier you apply, the better your chances at acceptance are.  Applying early is especially important when financial aid is needed. Let’s take a look at the programs below. 

Summer law school programs

1. Georgetown Pre-Law College Prep

Start your application today to participate in the Georgetown Pre-Laws College Prep Program! It’s completely online and asynchronous, meaning that you can learn from home and have fun this summer at the same time. Get your first look at a Georgetown education while gaining new skills and mentors! The program offers 1-week, 2-week, and 4-week intensive sessions spread throughout the summer. So, don’t be discouraged if the deadlines below have passed because only the first sessions are listed below!

  • Eligibility: Ages 13 and up
  • Cost: $1,495
  • Application deadline: April 30, May 14, or June 11, respectively 
  • Camp dates: May 7 – June 4, May 21 – June 4, or June 18 – June 25 
  • Location: Virtual

2. Crump Law Camp

The Crump Law Camp was established by the National Bar Association to educate students, particularly those of color, for a future career in law. This program will give you the necessary tools to help navigate the professional world. You could learn tips about extracurriculars to get involved in and classes to take that’ll make you stand out in your applications. 

  • Eligibility: Ages 14 – 17 that have an introduction to the American judicial system.
  • Cost: TBA, financial aid is available
  • Application deadline: July 10 – 14
  • Camp dates: TBA
  • Location: Virtual

3. ACLU National Advocacy Summer Institute 

The ACLU National Advocacy Summer Institute is primarily focused on making a difference in society through defending liberties and educating young people to become advocates. Get educated on issues and legal strategy by attending lectures and policy discussions. If you’re interested in politics and legislation, be sure to check this summer program out!

  • Eligibility: High school students aged 15 – 18. Requires a letter of recommendation
  • Cost: $2,700 (Washington, D.C.) or $2,000 (Atlanta and Montgomery) including room and board (financial aid is available)
  • Application deadline: April 17 (early decision) or May 15 (regular decision)
  • Camp dates: June 30 – July 6 or July 9 – July 14
  • Location: Washington, D.C.; Atlanta, GA; Montgomery, AL

4. EXPLO Trial Law and American Court System

The EXPLO Trial Law and American Court System is a three-week summer program that aims to educate students on important court cases and law fundamentals. Students can also receive college credit from attending an EXPLO summer program! Fortunately, there are also discounts and scholarships available to make this opportunity just a little more affordable. 

  • Eligibility: Grades 10 – 12. Requires a teacher recommendation and a personal essay
  • Cost: $7,350 including room and board (grants and scholarships available for those who qualify)
  • Application deadline: April 15, 2023
  • Camp dates: June 25 – July 14 or July 16 – August 4
  • Location: Wellesley, MA

5. NSLC Law & Advocacy

Improve your law skills at the NSLC’s Law & Advocacy Program, where you’ll learn courtroom techniques and professional strategies while working beside practicing attorneys. The program also includes tours of local law schools such as Georgetown University and Yale to prepare you for your future. Students will also receive leadership training through interactive lectures and workshops. They even have the opportunity to receive college credit

  • Eligibility: Grades 9 – 12 
  • Cost: $3,795 – $3,895
  • Application deadline: Rolling admission
  • Camp dates: (Georgetown) June 17 – June 25, June 29 – July 7, July 12 – July 20, July 24 – August 1, (Yale) June 24 – July 2, July 6 – July 14, or July 17 – July 25
  • Location: Washington, D.C. or New Haven, CT

6. Envision Intensive Law & Trial 

Spend 10 days of your summer at Stanford University when you attend the Envision Intensive Law & Trial Program! You’ll be able to learn straight from Stanford Law School professors while getting exposed to legal rhetoric, case preparation, and opening and closing arguments. There’s even a mock trial simulation for students to participate in!

  • Eligibility: Grades 9 – 12
  • Cost: $4,345 – $4,645 including room and board (scholarships and grants are available)
  • Application deadline: Closes when all spots are filled
  • Camp dates: June 28 – July 7, July 9 – 18, July 20 – 29, or July 31 – August 9
  • Location: Palo Alto, CA

7. NYU SPS High School Academy: Criminal Justice

The NYU SPS High School Academy: Criminal Justice Program is the perfect way for you to get out of the house this summer, and experiment in criminology and investigations! Take a deep dive into crime scenes and forensics, and gather up evidence to build your case. You’ll also gain a background in constitutional issues and theoretical concepts. 

  • Eligibility: Completion of grades 9 – 11. Requires an official transcript and 250 – 500 word essay
  • Cost: $3,102 (includes room and board) (No financial aid or scholarships offered)
  • Application deadline: May 15 (residential) or June 15 (commuter)
  • Camp dates: July 10 – July 14, July 17 – July 21, July 24 – July 28, July 31 – August 04, August 07 – August 11, or August 14 – August 18
  • Location: New York City, NY

8. JTB Summer Legal Institute 

The JTB Summer Legal Institute lasts for four days and offers a unique opportunity to learn from a curriculum created by attorneys. You’ll be able to utilize writing, critical thinking, and public speaking skills throughout your time in high school, college, and law school. Start your application today to hear insights from attorney volunteers and gain empowerment for your future. 

  • Eligibility: Grades 9 – 12 
  • Cost: Free
  • Application deadline: May 5, 2023
  • Camp dates: June 26 – June 30 or July 17 – July 21
  • Location: San Diego, CA or Chicago, IL

9. Justice Camp

Justice Camp is one of the summer programs hosted by the New Orleans Chapter of the Federal Bar Association. Students will learn about free speech, the court system, and bias in jury trials right inside of the federal courthouse! You’ll even participate in a mock trial and gain advocacy skills. 

  • Eligibility: Grades 9 – 10
  • Cost: Free
  • Application deadline: April 28
  • Camp dates: June 12 – June 16
  • Location: New Orleans, LA

10. Cornell University International Summer Debate Camp

Tighten up your debate skills this summer at the Cornell International Summer Debate Camp! It utilizes the Worlds Schools Debate format to expose students to a different style of debate that helps make the transition to college-level debate easier. At this camp, you’ll be able to learn directly from Cornell professors while building new relationships with your peers. There are even opportunities to participate in tournament debates!

  • Eligibility: Middle and high school students
  • Cost: $3,500 (residential), including room and board or $350 (commuter) There are a limited number of need-based scholarships for those in the local area
  • Application deadline: Rolling admission
  • Camp dates: July 29 – August 6
  • Location: Ithaca, NY

Next Steps

Next Steps

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