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How to Respond to the Baylor University Supplemental Essay Prompt

Baylor University is a private university located in Waco, Texas. If you are a prospective applicant, you might have come across the Baylor supplemental application requirement. A stellar essay will definitely boost your application, so keep reading to learn how to use your voice to stand out!

The Baylor University supplemental essay prompt

Baylor University has only one essay prompt with three components. With a 450-word limit, students have room for more detail than the traditional 250-limit allows, but it’s still important to focus your writing. In the following guide, we help break down the parts of the prompt and share a few questions to consider before and during your writing. 

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Baylor University supplemental application prompt

What are you looking for in a university, why do you want to attend Baylor, and how do you see yourself contributing to the Baylor community? (450 word limit)

The supplemental essay prompt is essentially made up of three questions. If Baylor is a jigsaw puzzle, the prompt asks what kind of piece you will be! 

The first part of the question simply asks students to share what they are looking for in a university. This question seeks to know more about you, your goals, and your future through the kind of university you seek. Think about what you value in your college search. It could be anything from the location, a particular program, or a unique experience. State what holds the most weight for you as you connect that to Baylor University to transition the next part of the prompt.

The next part of the question asks why you want to attend Baylor in particular. Think about why Baylor stands out from other colleges in your search. Explain why Baylor is the college for you with specific points. This is an excellent question for you to get to know Baylor and create a connection between you and the school.

The final part of the prompt asks what you will bring to the Baylor table. Where do you see yourself fitting in at Baylor,  and how will you contribute to your campus home? State the abilities and skills you have, and how you will use them to uphold Baylor’s values.

A few writing tips to keep in mind

Keep the 450-word limit in mind but don’t worry about the word count in your first draft. Try to avoid going off topic, adding extra words, or unnecessary statements. For most students, it is best to start with an outline of main points you want to share. Use the word count to your advantage and add specific details that showcase your skills, desires, and ambitions. Overall, use the word count to fully answer the prompts while conveying more about you and what you will bring to Baylor University.

Questions to consider:

  • What are some qualities you seek in a college, and how does Baylor fit them?
  • What are some skills, talents, or past achievements that will help you succeed at Baylor?
  • How do you hope to contribute to the Baylor campus community? 

Summing it up

Baylor University wants to admit students who want to be part of the community. Baylor University does not require admission test scores. So, if you choose not to submit them, your writing skills will carry even more weight in determining whether you gain admission. While your GPA is pretty much set by now as a senior, writing a stellar essay is the perfect way to stand out as an applicant, so get started on that draft. Best of luck with your application!

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