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How to Respond to the American University Supplemental Essay Prompts 2022/2023

American University is a competitive private research university located in the heart of Washington, DC. For students interested in leadership, politics, and public service, American is a top choice university. The best way to make your application stand out from the DC-loving crowd is through stellar essays. Read more in this guide on how to ace the American University supplemental essays!

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Breaking down the American University supplemental essay prompt

American University requires applicants to respond to only one supplemental essay. Let’s figure out how to make this one American University supplemental essay the best essay you have ever written! 

Before you begin responding to the American University supplemental essay, you should be aware of the limited word count: 150 words max. This is not a lot of space for creative freedom – but that’s all right. It just means you will have to be concise and thoughtful with your word choices.

Before answering the American University supplemental essay, create an outline to help narrow down your ideas. The last thing you want to do is repeat yourself in the words allowed.

Setting your goals

Be sure throughout your American University supplemental essay that you do the following: 

  • Respond to the question accurately (that “why?”)
  • Keep within the word count limit
  • Reveal pieces of your personality and uniqueness 

The American University supplemental essay prompt

Why are you interested in American University? (150 words max.)

Remember, this is the only prompt you have to respond to, so make it count! Try not to overthink this prompt. It is quite simple – why American University? 

You can begin to brainstorm what has drawn you to apply to American. Some aspects can include the following: 

  • Campus 
  • Location
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Traditions
  • Specific course
  • Values

Once you have crafted a list of some of the attractive features about American – narrow them down. Remember, you want to be as detailed as you possibly can in your response, so focus on one aspect that appeals to you. This will prove you have done your research and are truly passionate about what American has to offer you. 

Get personal

Be sure to select an aspect of American that appeals to you specifically. For example, if you grew up loving animals and want to become a veterinarian, include some aspect of American University that appeals to your love of animals. This could include an animal science class or the proximity to a historic veterinary clinic. In this way, you are revealing that you are a serious animal lover and know how to research where to get the best education possible. 

Tailor your response

The most important thing in this response is that you are justifying why you are excited to attend American University. How will American help your future? What does American University have that other colleges cannot offer you? Your response should make the reader feel as though American University is “the” place to realize your dreams. Be sure to include specific details about American U that customize your application for the reader. In other words, make it clear that your essay could not be recycled for another college application!

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Next steps after submitting your American University supplemental essay

The most important thing to do before submitting your supplemental essay to American University is to have someone you trust read over your application. They should keep an eye out for the following: 

  • Any spelling or grammar errors
  • Repetition throughout your response
  • That your responses answer the question

Once your trusted pal has given your response the stamp of approval – it is officially time to submit your American University application! 

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