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Top 14 Vegetarian and Vegan Scholarships in June 2023

Vegetarian and vegan diets have been shown to have many health benefits. Hefty college (or research) costs, on the other hand, do not. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top vegetarian and vegan scholarships to help you pay off some of those costs and keep your physical and mental health in great shape. 

To learn more about these useful vegetarian and vegan scholarships, keep on reading (and eating healthy)!

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Top 7 Vegetarian and Vegan Scholarships in June 2023

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$10,000 “No Essay” Scholarship

The Scholarships360 $10,000 “No Essay” Scholarship is open to all students who want some extra help paying for their education. Whether you are a high school student who hopes to…

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1 award worth $10,000
Deadline Jun 30, 2023
$2,000 Nitro College Scholarship – No Essay

Easy scholarship from Nitro College open to all high school, college, community and graduate students.

Multiple awards worth $2,000
Deadline Jun 30, 2023
Niche $15,000 No Essay Scholarship

Open to all high school and college students, as well as anyone looking to attend college or graduate school in the next year.

1 award worth $15,000
Deadline Jun 29, 2023
Vegetarian Video Scholarship

Are you a student who wants to promote vegetarianism or veganism through a video? If so, consider applying for the Vegetarian Video Scholarship! The Vegetarian Video Scholarship is open to…

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3 awards worth up to $200
Deadline Jul 15, 2023
The Vegan Society Grants

Are you a vegan who wants to encourage veganism to non-vegans? If so, consider applying for The Vegan Society Grants! The Vegan Society Grants are open to vegan individuals and…

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1 award worth $1,000
Deadline Quarterly
Future Without Speciesism Cash Award

Are you passionate about saving animals from exploitation? If so, consider applying for the Future Without Speciesism Cash Award! The Future Without Speciesism Cash Award is open to college and…

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Multiple awards worth up to $10,000
Deadline Rolling
Vegetarian Charity Grants

Are you a vegetarian? If so, consider applying for the Vegetarian Charity Grants! The Vegetarian Charity Grants are open to vegetarians and vegans aged 25 and younger or parents with…

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Multiple awards worth up to $500
Deadline Rolling

How to win vegetarian and vegan scholarships

Like any scholarship, vegetarian and vegan scholarships see a lot of applicants. To succeed in your application, it’ll be important to write compelling essays. Remember, your vegetarianism itself does not set you apart from any of the other candidates – everyone applying is a vegetarian!

So, since you only have limited space with which to make an impact, try to speak to the values which are at the root of your vegetarianism, and discuss where those values will take you in life. Read up on the mission of the organization offering the scholarship and talk about your plans to demonstrate those values in the real world.

For example, many vegetarian organizations value animal rights very highly. You can speak about how animal rights have motivated your vegetarianism, and how you hope to use the money from the scholarship to land a job that helps protect those rights.

Crafting the perfect essay

Scholarship essays are tough, but we can help you through the process. Check out our guides on how to begin and end scholarship essays, how to write a winning essay, and how to write about yourself. We can also walk you through some of the most common scholarship essay prompts, and show you how to write a scholarship resume.

Frequently asked questions about vegetarian and vegan scholarships

Can I get a scholarship for being vegan?

Can vegans win scholarships for vegetarians?

Do pescatarians qualify for vegetarian scholarships?

And that’s it! We hope you’ve found some helpful scholarships to help pay off those pesky college (or research) expenses. If not, consider checking out our scholarship directory – you’re bound to find something that suits your fancy. If you’re looking for scholarships that fit your background, take a look at these scholarships sorted by background/demographic, major, and even home state!

Whatever you end up doing, we wish you the best of luck in your scholarship search and future endeavors. Stay healthy!

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