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Schwarzman Scholars Program: Everything You Need to Know

Want a fully funded master’s degree from one of the top universities in China? No, this is not too good to be true! The Schwarzman Scholars Program is a one-year fully-funded program that provides students with exposure to China and a master’s degree in global affairs. Read more to learn more about this amazing opportunity! 

What is the Schwarzman Scholars Program? 

The Schwarzman Scholars is a scholarship program that provides students with a one year fully-funded master’s program at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. The Schwarzman Scholarship aims to provide students with an immersive understanding of China and its culture. 

The Schwarzman Scholarship has an acceptance rate comparable to the Rhodes and Marshall scholarships, making it an extremely competitive scholarship program. 

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Schwarzman Scholars background

The Schwarzman Scholars Program was created by Stephen A. Schwarzman in 1902 in response to the growing tension between the United States and China. The Schwarzman Scholars Program aims to provide students with the opportunity to learn more deeply about China and its relation to other countries. 

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What do Schwarzman Scholars do during their time in Beijing? 

Schwarzman Scholars will live in Beijing for one year of study and cultural immersion. During this time, scholars will attend lectures, travel around the region, and gain an overall better understanding of China and its culture. Students will attend classes at Tsinghua University, which is one of China’s oldest and most prestigious universities. Around 30,000 students attend Tsinghua University. 

The Schwarzman Scholars Program provides ample opportunities for students to explore China. Therefore, some courses within the program include field trips to business or government offices throughout China. The Student Life team organizes trips to historical and local sites for Schwarzman students outside of the classroom.

Students have the opportunity to create and join clubs on campus. Additionally, students can take advantage of all of the facilities on campus including fitness classes, a pool, the gym, and much more. 

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The Schwarzman Scholars was designed to strengthen its students’ geopolitical landscape of the 21st century. 

Core classes

  • Forty Years of China’s political, economic and social reform
  • Global affairs
  • Leadership
    • Leadership in Business
    • Leaders and leadership in history 
    • Leadership in public organizations
    • Leadership in public crises and emergencies
    • Values-based leadership 
    • Leading in higher education
    • Leading a civil society organization – delivering social value
    • Leading in humanitarian crises – war, disasters and disease
    • Leading in international organizations (UN) 
    • Leading and managing not-for-profit organizations
    • Leading the social innovation in China
    • Leading in Chinese state-owned enterprises 

Elective classes 

  • China’s foreign relations
  • Theory and practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics
  • China’s international development cooperation: theory, policy and practice
  • China’s rise in comparative perspective 
  • Clean energy transition
  • Technology policy in the developing world
  • Financial reporting & analysis
  • Leading issues in the global economy 


  • Individual or group
  • A project that is the culmination of student’s Schwarzman College experience 



  • Completed undergraduate degree (all fields of study are eligible)
  • 18-28 years old 
  • Highly proficient in English 
  • Excellent academic record
  • Readiness to embrace other cultures and perspectives
  • Excellence in:
    • Leadership abilities
    • Exemplary character & integrity
    • Academic aptitude & intellectual ability
    • Empathy & intercultural competency
    • Open mindedness
    • Entrepreneurial spirit


  • United States = 40% acceptance rate
  • Global = 40% acceptance rate
  • China = 20% acceptance rate

Selection data

  • 3,000+ applicants
  • 400+ candidates interviewed 
  • 140+ scholars selected
  • 40 countries represented in each class 

Documents to be submitted

Admissions deadlines

China candidates January 
Application opens
Application deadline
Candidate interviews conducted 
US & Global candidates April
Application opens
Application deadline 
Candidate interviews conducted 

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

  • The Schwarzman Scholars Program is a fully-funded one year master’s program
  • The program’s curriculum is designed to provide a broad and interdisciplinary perspective on global challenges, with an emphasis on China’s role in the world 
  • The application process is a highly competitive and rigorous process
  • International students are encouraged to apply as 40% of candidates selected are from the United States, 40% are global and 20% are from China 
Key Takeaways

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Frequently asked questions about the Schwarzman Scholars Program

Are there any fees associated with the Schwarzman Scholars application or the program?

  There are no fees associated with applying to the program. In fact, interview expenses such as travel, meals, and hotel will be covered by the program. Additionally, expenses for the Schwarzman Scholars Program are also fully covered by the program including tuition, fees, room and board, travel to and from Beijing, course books, a Lenovo laptop, health insurance and a personal stipend.

Can I apply for the Schwarzman Scholars program even if I already have a master’s program?

Yes! As long as you meet all other eligibility criteria for the program, you can apply even if you have already pursued advanced degrees.

Is the Schwarzman Scholars Program prestigious?

Extremely! The Schwarzman Scholars is one of the world’s most prestigious graduate fellowship programs.

How much is the stipend students receive from the Schwarzman Scholars Program?

  The scholarship covers tuition fees, room and board, health insurance, and a stipend of $4,000 for personal expenses. Additionally, the program will cover airfare to travel to Beijing.

How many Schwarzman Scholars are selected?

  The program selected 100-200 scholars per year.

What type of degree do Schwarzman Scholars get?

  Upon completion of the program, students will receive a Master’s Degree in Global Affairs awarded by Tsinghua University.