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How to Get Ford Tuition Assistance

Beep beep! Guess what? Ford is providing their employees with Ford benefits that include tuition assistance to help employees further their education! Read more to find out how you can receive Ford benefits by being a Ford employee! 

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What are Ford’s tuition assistance benefits?

Ford offers three different options for tuition assistance programs. Each has its own requirements, a different set of programs towards which you can use the funds, and its own limits on funding. Here is a list of each program along with the ways you can spend the money in each of them.

Educational Tuition Assistance Plan (ETAP) 

  • Up to $6,000 per calendar year
  • Associate, Bachelor, Master, or PhD
  • The money will go towards approved courses leading to a certificate or diploma or degree from an accredited school 

Professional Development Assistance (PDA) 

  • Up to $3,00 per calendar year
  • For job-related courses including:
    • Industrial Readiness Certificate Program (RCP)
    • Labor Studies courses and conferences
    • Dale Carnegie, including online courses
    • LJPR Financial Education Programs

PDA Educational Enrichment Course

  • Up to $1,500 per calendar year
  • For Continuing Education, Lifelong Learning or Personal Development Courses (including online) at national accredited institutions 


  • $600 per calendar year
  • May be used for textbooks and includes E-books and rented books 

Step-by-step guide to get tuition assistance at Ford

1. Find a job at a nearby Ford

To be able to become eligible for Ford’s benefits of tuition assistance, you must be an employee of Ford! Therefore, visit Ford’s career website to search for open positions at a nearby location. 

Ford offers an abundance of positions within their company. Some examples include electrician, mechanic, sales and much more. 

2. Apply online at

Once you have successfully worked at Ford for a minimum of 90 days or more, you are eligible to receive Ford’s tuition assistance benefits. To apply, visit and login to your employee portal using your Ford employee credentials. 

In this portal, you can apply for tuition assistance and view your account balances and tuition assistance history. 

3. Choose an accredited school or degree program

To receive tuition assistance you need to be enrolled in courses at an accredited university or educational institution. You must get this school, degree program, or course approved by submitting an application. It is recommended that you submit this application early on to ensure that the educational institution you selected is eligible for Ford’s tuition assistance. 

4. Start learning! 

Congratulations! You are now on your higher education journey as a Ford employee. Remember that there is plenty of support available at the higher education institution you attend, so make sure you reach out when needed. Good luck! 

Alternatives to Ford’s tuition assistance program

After reading our guide, if working for Ford to receive their tuition assistance does not tickle your fancy – do not worry! Luckily, so many companies have begun to offer their employees tuition assistance and reimbursement in order to make education more affordable. So, Ford is not the only company right now offering tuition assistance! 

Companies such as Amazon, Chipotle, Target, Starbucks, and plenty more offer affordable education for employees! Be sure to check out our other guides to learn how you can be eligible for these tuition benefits! (PS: some even offer up to 100% of tuition) 

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Frequently asked questions about Ford benefits & tuition assistance

Who is eligible for Ford’s tuition assistance? 

  • Full-time active UAW hourly employees who have worked 90 days or more. 
  • Temporary or part-time UAW employees who have acquired 90 days of employment or more may utilize Personal Development Assistance (PDA) for Industrial Readiness Certificate Program (IRCP) courses only

Are all schools and courses eligible for Ford’s tuition assistance? 

Unfortunately, not all schools and courses are eligible for Ford’s tuition assistance. You must get a school, degree program or course approved by submitting an application! It is recommended that you submit this application early on to ensure your program is approved and eligible for tuition assistance. 

Will Ford employees receive reimbursements to put towards their tuition? 

No! Ford directly pays the college or university their employee is attending instead of reimbursing their employee. Ford’s tuition assistance is a prepayment program.