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How to Respond to the 2023-2024 Williams College Supplemental Essay Prompts

Located in Williamstown, Massachusetts, Williams College is a private liberal arts college with a 9% acceptance rate. This means that it’s important to set your application apart and you can do that by completing the Williams supplements in a stellar way. Keep reading to learn more about the prompts and get tips on how to write your essay. 

The Williams prompt

Williams College offers students the opportunity to submit an optional “paper of choice.” For this option, we go over how to choose an essay that’s a reflection of your best self. For a small selective college like Williams, it is always in your best interest to submit any optional materials. It is just one more opportunity to share about who you are as a person. For a deeper dive into the Williams supplemental essay prompt, keep reading!

Optional: Williams does not require a writing supplement. However, some students feel they do their best writing in an academic context rather than through narrative pieces like admission applications. If you are interested in submitting an example of your academic writing, you may share a 3-5 page paper written in the last year. The paper may be creative or analytical, can cover any topic, and need not be graded. Please include a description of the assignment or prompt. Please do not submit lab reports.”

Williams advises their applicants to submit essays that are from the humanities or social sciences, which can include psychology, economics, history, English, and more. Ideally, you should choose an essay that you’re proud of that’s on an interesting topic or has a unique thesis. 

Students can work with a guidance counselor or teacher to fine tune their essays before submitting them, especially if they weren’t happy with the grade received.  Three to five pages double-spaced is about 1500-2500 words. Keep that in mind just in case you have to add or take off a paragraph or two.

Questions to consider:

  • How is this paper a representation of you?
  • Does this paper enhance your application?
  • What makes this particular essay stand out?

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Next steps for applicants

Once you’re done writing your Williams supplement, you should complete your FAFSA and CSS Profile. These two applications can come in handy and play a major part in colleges deciding your financial aid package. Williams also offers their applicants a chance to connect with current students to talk about their experiences and answer any questions. Don’t forget to schedule a campus tour as well to get a feel of the campus before you decide to enroll.

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Additional resources

Congratulations on finishing up your Williams College supplements! Since this might not be the only school you’re applying to, check out some of these Scholarships360 resources to help out as you prepare for college.

Frequently asked questions about the Williams College supplemental essays

How many supplemental essays for Williams College?

Williams College offers students the opportunity to submit one optional example of their academic writing.

Should I submit the Williams writing supplement?

While the supplement is optional, if Williams College is your dream school or high on your list, submit that essay. While it might not hurt to forgo submitting an optional essay, it does demonstrate real interest on the part of students who take the time to do so.

What kind of papers to submit for the Williams' writing supplement?

First, make sure that your paper adheres to the word limit (three to five pages double-spaced, which is about 1500-2500 words). The other important thing is to submit a paper that is not only well regarded by your teachers, but is also a reflection of who you are.