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Regular Decision Notification Dates for the Class of 2027 

Now that you’ve applied to college, you might be wondering when you will find out whether your application is accepted. Fortunately, you don’t have to look very far because we have the college decision dates for over 70 colleges below! 

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When to expect your regular decision notification

Regular decision is a popular option for college applicants because it’s the standard preference that’s nonbinding. When applying through regular decision instead of early action or early decision, you can apply to as many colleges as you like, but it will mean later college decision dates. Usually, applicants get their decision letter by late March to early April. If students apply through rolling admissions, the timeline will be different depending on the school. 

Keep reading  to find your schools’ college decision dates from the list of colleges from our supplemental essay database!

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American University April 1
Amherst College Late March
Babson College Mid-March
Barnard College Late March
Baylor University April 10
Boston College April 1
Boston University Late March to early April
Bowdoin College April 1
Brandeis University April 1
Bucknell University April 1
California Institute of Technology Mid-March
Carnegie Mellon University April 1
Claremont McKenna College April 1
Columbia University July 15
Cornell University  Early April
Dartmouth College Late March to early April
Davidson College  By April 1
Duke University Late March to early April
Emory University April 1 
Fordham University April 1
George Washington University Early April
Georgetown University April 1
Georgia Tech March
Harvard University End of March
Harvey Mudd College April 1
Haverford College Early April
Johns Hopkins University  March 17
Lafayette University  Late March
Lehigh University Late March
Loyola Marymount University Early April
Macalester College March 26
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Mid-March
Northwestern University Late March
Pennsylvania State University January 31
Pomona College April 1
Princeton University Late March
Purdue University January 15 to March 31
Reed College April 1
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Mid-March 
Rice University April 1
Rutgers University March 31
Santa Clara University April 1
Scripps College April 1
Stanford University Early April
Stony Brook University April 1
Swarthmore College Mid-March 
Syracuse University Late March
Texas A&M University January 1 to late March
Trinity College Late March
Tufts University April 1
University of Chicago Late March
University of Colorado Boulder April 1
University of Georgia Mid-March 
University of Illinois March 3
University of Michigan Early April
University of Pennsylvania  April 1
University of Richmond  April 1
University of Rochester April 1
University of San Diego March 1 to March 31
University of San Francisco  Mid-March
University of Southern California April 1
University of Texas March 1
University of Wisconsin-Madison March 31
Vanderbilt University Late March
Vassar College Late March to early April
Villanova University April 1
Wake Forest University April 1
Washington University April 1
Wellesley College Late March
Williams College April 1
Worcester Polytechnic Institute  April 1


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What you should do while you wait

As you await your decision letter, it’s the perfect time to go on college tours and apply for financial aid and scholarships. College tours are a great way to explore your potential campus and meet future classmates. If you aren’t able to attend in person, many colleges offer virtual tours that allow you to explore campus from the comfort of your own home.

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Financial aid and scholarships are  an important part of the college admission process. However, taking the time to get a tuition reimbursement position can help pay tuition, college fees, and everyday expenses.

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What you should do after you receive your notification

Congratulations on reaching the finish line! The next step is deciding where you want to continue your education. Maybe you’ll choose the best school for your major or the campus you love the most. Make sure to pay attention to deadlines for enrollment and send in your deposit on time. Best of luck on your higher education journey!

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