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Debt-Free Computer Science Degree at Lambda School

Are you considering a major in computer science or something related to technology?

What if I told you that you could pursue a high quality program that would prepare you to be a software engineer with no up-front cost. Lambda School provides just that for students, a debt-free computer science degree!

Lambda School is a new start-up college alternative that was founded in Silicon Valley. The classes are completely online, so anyone with an internet connection can take classes. Instead of tuition, Lambda School offers an Income-Sharing Agreement option (it should be noted that students also have the option of paying $20,000 in tuition with no post-graduation tuition obligation).

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What is the ISA (Income-Sharing Agreement) all about?

Once students have a job and are earning at least $50,000 per year, they pay back 17% of their income for two years. The amount of tuition that you could possibly pay is capped at $30,000, so even if you make a lot more money, you won’t have to pay back more than $30k. This also means that Lambda School has a vested interest in helping you get a job after graduation!

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What can I study at Lambda School?

  • Full-Stack Web & Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • iOS Development & Computer Science
  • Android Development & Computer Science
  • UX Design

How to apply?

Students can apply online and will receive an admissions decision in 4-5 business days.

Interested students can also audit Lambda courses for a day to get a better sense of the curriculum.

Bottom Line

For a motivated student who is passionate about computer science and programming, this can be a stellar option. In a little over half a year, you will be ready to apply for high paying jobs in technology. You should not discount the ability to graduate from a strong academic program debt-free. Lambda represents the future of higher education and financial aid. Expect to see Income-Sharing Agreements more often going forward.

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