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How to Respond to the 2023-2024 Loyola Marymount University Supplemental Essay Prompts

Loyola Marymount University is a private Jesuit research university located in Los Angeles, California. LMU describes its location as a “unique urban oasis” that draws a diverse array of students. If you are applying to LMU, the supplemental essay is the ideal place to personalize your application. Keep reading to gain a better understanding of how to respond to the Loyola Marymount University supplemental essay prompt!

About Loyola Marymount University

Loyola Marymount University is proud of their history and traditions. Their mission is dedicated to preserving Catholic beliefs, while simultaneously creating a space that is welcoming for people of all walks of life to come and learn. 

Loyola offers over sixty degree options and over fifty five minors, with topics ranging from Asian and Pacific studies to electrical engineering. However, Loyola Marymount University focuses on more than just academics. Their goal is to educate students in all areas of life through learning, faith, and the promotion of their core values. 

Supplemental Essay Prompt

Please briefly state your reason for wishing to attend LMU and/or how you came to select your major. (500 words)

Loyola is sticking to the basics with their application prompt. They want to keep it simple by asking two classic essay questions. Why their school and why your major? The essay leaves some room to decide if you want to answer one or both of those questions. So, let’s begin and find out how you can best respond!

Research should be your starting point for any college application. When submitting a college application, you should have a good understanding of the college you are applying to. The beginning of this article contains a brief introduction to Loyola, but you’ll need to be able to answer a few more questions about them to be able to fully answer this essay prompt.

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Questions to consider

  • What kind of things does LMU value?
  • Are they known for anything in particular?
  • What is their history as a college?

Once you can answer these questions, you should feel a bit more prepared to respond to the prompt as a whole. If you feel like there’s no real reason as to why you want to apply to this college, or there’s nothing about their values or academics that peak your interest, you may want to reconsider if this is the college for you. A college is hoping to receive essays that are excited about their school! 

So, let’s look at the first part of the prompt. Why do you wish to attend Loyola? There may be many reasons, or there may only be one. Think about your answer and write down the first few reasons that come to mind. It’s okay if your answers are vague, they just need to be able to create a general outline. You should be able to identify how you first heard about Loyola and then how that grew into you wanting to submit an application. 

Questions to ask yourself

  • Was there one specific reason that you can recall that pushed you to apply to Loyola?
  • How do you remember first hearing about Loyola?
  • Do you know anyone who attended Loyola?
  • Did they stand out to you because of a specific major?

Your response to the first part of this prompt can be multilayered. It can begin with how you heard about Loyola and how that pushed you to think more seriously about them, which may have led you to research them and find out they offer several majors you’re interested in. This prompt offers you plenty of space to answer, so make sure you utilize that space!

Part two of this prompt asks you about the major you have selected. If you don’t know exactly what major you want to pursue, this portion of the prompt may make you feel a bit uneasy. How are you supposed to answer a question that you know you don’t have an answer for? It’s important to remember that what you write in your essay is not binding. Colleges are aware that students will change their major during the course of their studies. 

So, what should you write about then? Whether you have a major in mind or not, a college wants to see that you are passionate and aware of how you will utilize their college to accomplish your degree. So again, let’s use some simple questions to start fleshing out your answer.

Questions to ask yourself

  • What are a few majors that stand out to you?
  • What kind of future careers make you particularly excited?
  • Was your major choice inspired by a person or an experience you had?

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Closing thoughts

Hopefully after reading this article and doing some research about LMU, you are feeling ready to tackle this college application! If you’re still feeling a little unsure about what to write, give yourself some time. Write down your ideas and come back to them. As long as you’re putting in your best effort, you should feel confident about your college application!

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