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Wayup Review: Job and Internship Search for College

WayUp is a platform designed for college students and recent graduates to explore internships and job opportunities, receive career advice, and get discovered by employers!

In this WayUp review, we’ll explore how WayUp works and the pros and cons of using WayUp to secure a job or internship. Let’s dive in!

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How does WayUp work?

When you sign up for a WayUp account, you’ll be asked to fill out information about yourself and your past experiences. Once completed, you’ll have access to a “Jobs & Internships” dashboard curated for you based on your WayUp profile.

Through the dashboard, you can apply to jobs within minutes. One particularly cool feature is “one-click apply,” where you can apply for a job using all of the information already in your profile with a single click!

In addition to finding jobs yourself, employers can invite you to apply to their positions using your profile. Employers tell WayUp what their non-negotiable qualifications are for applicants, so you’ll only see jobs that you qualify for.

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WayUp offers a few distinct advantages over traditional job search sites:

  • Personalized job matching: Because WayUp matches opportunities to the information you enter in your profile, you won’t waste any time sorting through jobs that you don’t qualify for.
  • Automatic notifications: You can set your email notifications so you receive an alert every time a job matching your search criteria starts taking applications, making your job search process that much more easy.
  • Employers come to you: With a public profile, employers can search through WayUp profiles and invite you to apply for open positions.
  • Career and job application advice: With articles including tips on how to apply and how to get an entry level job with no experience, WayUp provides the expert advice to back up their job search platform.

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What are the disadvantages of WayUp?

Ultimately WayUp is a job board, and it’s only as strong as the companies that sign up to use the service. While WayUp has a ton of featured companies using the platform to find their next employee, students looking for more niche jobs might benefit from old-fashioned job searching: a lot of cold calls and emails to companies you like.

Compared to using a headhunter, WayUp is more hands-off in that you won’t have 1:1 support. Of course, that hands-on support comes at a big cost. Headhunters will typically charge a fee based off of some percentage of your future salary, while WayUp is completely free for job candidates.

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Bottom Line

WayUp is a powerful tool to help college students and recent grads find jobs and internships. It automates a lot of the search process for you, helping you save time and focus your efforts where they matter.

Sign up to create an account and get started looking for jobs today!

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Frequently asked questions about WayUp

How much does WayUp cost?

WayUp is absolutely free to use! While employers have to pay a fee to post their job openings on the board, job seekers themselves do not pay anything. WayUp won’t take any fee or a percentage of your future salary. All you have to do is sign up for a free account to get started.

Is WayUp better than RippleMatch?

RippleMatch and WayUp offer relatively similar services – they focus on personalized job recommendations, shifting the job board model to involve less scrolling and more tailored results. RippleMatch is a bit newer on the market — until recently, it was only available for graduates of select schools. They also have more of a focus on skipping students ahead to the interview stage of the application. However, this is more successful for students who graduated from the most prestigious universities.  

Should I use WayUp or Handshake?

 Handshake and WayUp offer very similar services, though at the moment, Handshake is a more popular option in the market. However, Handshake uses a more traditional job board model that involves more scrolling through a large selection of options. On the other hand, WayUp attempts to limit the positions you’ll see, in order to ensure that each position is a good fit. 

WayUp also offers a more extensive toolset for finding jobs, including advice and trainings from career development professionals.