Boston College Presidential Scholars Program

Boston CollegeThe Boston College Presidential Scholars Program

Interested in attending a top national university but worried about the costs? Don’t ignore the fact that many schools offer merit scholarships to their top applicants. For example, Boston College offers the Boston College Presidential Scholars Program. This program offers a full-tuition scholarship to Boston College, along with a variety of opportunities to the scholars once they are attending (such as summer funding, small lectures with well-known speakers, and more).

Who is eligible for the Boston College Presidential Scholars Program?

Any exceptional student applying to Boston College through their Early Action program is eligible. According to BC admission’s website: “To apply to be a Boston College Presidential Scholar you simply apply through BC’s Early Action application process and meet the early action deadline of November 1st. There is no separate Presidential Scholars application form.” In selection Presidential Scholars, “there is no minimum GPA or SAT score requirement. However, we are looking for students with outstanding academic records, who hold leadership roles in their school and who are committed to and have a demonstrated interest in community service. Typically, the students selected are in the top 1-2 percent of the national pool of freshman applicants.”

What are the application requirements?

As stated above, the only real deadline is the November 1st Early Action deadline, and the only application is your general BC college application. If you have further questions, check out the FAQ page. Good luck!