National Peace Essay Contest 2014

National Peace Essay Contest 2014

The National Peace Essay Contest is currently being offered by the United States Institute of Peace to high school students.

State-level selection categories include the fifty U.S. states, Washington, D.C., U.S. Territories, and American students
abroad. First place state-level winners compete for national awards. Awards will be distributed as follows:

1 National award, first place: $10,000
1 National award, second place: $5,000
1 National award, third place: $2,500
53 State awards, first place: $1,000 each

National Peace Essay Contest 2013-2014 Topic and Question: Security Sector Reform, Political Transition, and Sustainable Peace

The 2014 prompt:

Transitioning to peace and democratic governance raises challenging questions about how to handle security forces. What do you do with a police force that has been trained to serve a repressive government and protect the status quo? What do you do with an army that has been fighting in a civil war? What do you do with rebel forces that may know how to fight but know very little about civilian life? Read More

For a complete guide on this essay contest, check out this page. Essays are due February 10, 2014, and are accepted online. Good luck!