Hunger Awareness Scholarship 2013

2013 Hunger Awareness Scholarship

The Hunger Awareness Scholarship is a $2,000 scholarship currently being offered by is a pretty awesome website–it is one of the largest non-profit websites that is focused on social change (and specifically aimed at younger people).  Their tagline is also fantastic–“Over 2.4 million people took action through in 2012. Why? Because apathy sucks.”

One of the causes of is Hunger Awareness, hence the 2013 Hunger Awareness Scholarship.

Am I eligible for the Hunger Awareness Scholarship?

To be eligible  students under the age of 26.

How do I apply?

This is one of the simplest scholarship application you’ll encounter- simply submit the cell numbers of six friends, who will then be sent a text (saying “1 in 6 Americans goes hungry every year”), and you’ll be entered. Official rules for the scholarship can be found online.

When is the scholarship deadline?

The deadline to apply is May 14, 2013.